is scam and fraud

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Hamed ayat

1000000000% scam and fraud.
They cleverly delay the sale and purchase of your trade, when you entering to the trade. We have stored this information with 80 different devices, they are very professional to steal from you and people who do short 1 minute trade lose 99.9% of their money. In this fraud only 100,000 people It is enough to get a lot of money. This is a small part of the theft of this corrupt broker.
I also can't recommend them. Tested them some time ago with a small amount. When the whole ESMA regulation stuff started they started to scam people big time with server time outs, programming errors of their software and stuff like that.

But still... we're in the Scam alert part of this forum. You should read the T&C from FPA before posting. Loads of things are missing in your original post.
Aren't they regulated?
Don't waste your money. They also have YouTube channels whose job is just to share the broker's ads and strategies. They're promoting strategies, and the strategies only work for a few days. They are smart and they think people are stupid. We will fight them and we will not allow them and their propagandists to steal too much.
If you deposit with IQ option or any binary options, you are probably not very intelligent.

With the Cysec/ESMA regulation you can't trade BO's. As an EU trader you have no access to this on their platform. But the other (negative) aspects I already wrote about them are still there I think. They're always cheating with their software when you trade (system/program errors, server time-outs and so on).
I mean even on MT I also have some time-outs and so on, but it's not that bad, because it's still reconnecting very fast. But they don't have MT4 or MT5, don't they?
You can only use MetaTrader trading platform for analysises .
The IQ option is very cleverly advertised on social media and YouTube. The losers are only traders. There is a newer technology than MetaTrader. I can't talk about that.
Has anyone who has experienced long delays to withdrawals eventually received their money? If so, how long does it take?