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Discuss IQOption.com

General discussions of a financial company
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Iqoption threatened me after they stolen thousands of pounds from me! Please check the full report here: dmitriizaretskiiscam.my-free.website
This is how iqoption maffia works:
- They takes the loosers money!
- They don't pay out the profitable traders
- If profitable trader's like me don't like it, then they threaten them that they taking actions agains these people!
Please don't waste your money & trade with IQ Option.
If you are losing money, they would be very happy to let you continue to trade.
If you are profitable, they will cancel your withdrawal and block you from trading in their platform.

So please, DON'T waste your money on IQ Option (SCAM)
Hello FPA admin,i'll like to inform that broker IQ Option (https://iqoption.com/en) is not longer regulated by CySEC.

Previously the company was name under IQOption Europe Ltd which clearly shows that regulated on CySEC below the link:

Since 2018-till now they've had change company register name from IQ Option Europe Ltd to IQ Option LLC silently.

This link was before 2018 they regulated by CySEC and this statement still exist on their website.

Now this is the new T&C you must follow before trading on IQ Option.com which is not regulated by any party.

What i try to explain that is this company trying to make everyone believe that, they still regulated by CySec by doing some magic on their official website.

Now they're not longer comply with IQ Option Europe Ltd's T&C BUT IQ Option LLC which is completely not regulated.

Which means This company is a completely fraud company that is not regulated by any party financial services industry.

So i suggest admin should update this pages(https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/11675/iqoption-forex-brokers) and not stated them as :
Regulators:CySEC #247/14

This was before 2018.Now they using new company name IQ Option LLC which does not have any regulators.

So be careful everyone who wish to invest on iqoption.com

FPA Review Moderation Team Note: Thank you for the update. We think you may have missed a detail.

CySEC license 247/14 is still active and applies to eu.iqoption.com. Not that this subdomain of iqoption.com is not accessible everywhere. We arranged for someone in Europe to check and make sure it was still working.

Many brokers around the world promote regulation in a major country while sending many of their clients to under-regulated or even unregulated brokers. :(


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