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Problem IronFx deregistered and changed into Notesco Financial Services

I am having an issue with a company


According to a filing in the Cyprus Company Registrar, the Cypriot IronFx Global Limited was deregistered. The company got the new name Notesco Financial Services.Here you see that IronFx Global Ltd. is the PREVIOUS NAME

Checking the name for Iron Fx Global does show Notesco Financial Services Limited.


This is a very remarkable change. It is not about a new business name or a new brand. The company name was changed. Notesco Financial Services does not seem to be a broker.
It is incredible...about 3 years, nobody stops these criminals, customers still without money, they do as they please. No authority intervenes to stop them. This thing is very bad, it leads to reflections, as the world of forex and brokers can be fragile. Many fake regulators that allow brokers not to return money to customers because unfortunately they do not have the authority and the strength to do so, if a broker does not pay your money customers can not do anything. I've been waiting for my money from Iron for 3 years, although I read fake positive comments, unscrupulous IBs trying to convince people that nothing happened, everything is OK ... the company keeps changing countries, employees , phone numbers, authorizations .... and the game continues, scammers always win
They have the plan to use the new company as a Liquidity Provider for other brokers. But liquidity providers are subject in Europe to MiFIR requirements (ie. transaction reporting)
IRONFX director Markos Kashiouris object of criminal investigation in Germany! SCAM !!!


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IronFX has recently entered into a $100 million strategic agreement with a Middle East institutional investor with a view to capital growth and industry acquisitions. This is an important development that is expected to give new momentum to the company, further strengthening its position in the market.

Within the framework of the agreement, we have proceeded with some changes, mainly at procedural level. The name of the holding company is one of them. Nevertheless, the company will continue to operate with the same trade names, maintaining the Group’s brand names (e.g. ‘IronFX’), both in Cyprus and in the Group’s companies that operate abroad.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the new investor will be joining the company’s Board of Directors. This investment is of decisive importance as it constitutes a vote of confidence in the company, on the one hand and in the long-term prospects of the Cyprus economy, on the other. This deal creates a new state of affairs and opens up new prospects with important benefits for the Cyprus economy.

Additionally, please note that we are commencing an effort to identify and factually respond to all allegations by users of this site.

Writing regarding unproven allegations with defamatory language is neither constructive nor beneficial for the users of this website.

The Company has thrived and grown throughout the years and has undoubtedly proven its prominence in the financial services sector despite a number of deliberate unsuccessful attempts by third parties in causing harm and damage to the Company’s interests and reputation.

Should you have any specific complain, please provide us with your particulars (i.e.name and account number) in order to allow us to attend to any queries you may have. You can also write to us at responses@ironfx.com for any clarifications you may require.

Finally, we note that the IronFX Group of Companies comprises of investment firms authorized and regulated by the competent financial authorities in the UK (FCA no. 585561), Australia (AFSL no. 417482), South Africa (FSP no. 45276) and Cyprus (License no. 125/10). We note that none of the said group companies has received either a fine or penalty by any competent authority nor has any court ruled against any of the group companies.

Thank you
I am still waiting for my 32,000USD nobody can help not CySec not Iron, nobody...I am lost and don't know what to do. If anyone can help will be ready to share 50/50 to get my money back