Is Action Refund legit or is it a recovery room scam


I see what looks like the same company at and Let me know if you are talking about a different domain name.

Both were registered in 2019 (October for .com and December for .net).

The sites are very vague, other than mentioning a free consultation and up-front fees or chargebacks and "other recovery programs."

I can't swear they are scammers, but the sites certainly don't fill me with confidence. I suggest you try a DIY chargeback if possible or else select an established chargeback company.


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i see a lot of these things going around saying they can get back your lost funds. i am sorry to say it is just another scam that people are running to get your money. the whole invest with me and i will make you rich is slowing down so now they promis to get back your lost money. time to cut your losses and understand you made a mistake. sorry