Is a ripoff/scam?

Wayne C

Mt5-ea offered so call popular EAs for a small 'DONATIONS'. From their website i was convinced by the positive feedback and comment made by their members. So i decided to buy (donate) USD169 for Scalping FX robots,

When i can't install the Ea i emails them asking for assistance. They only response when i warn them about me reporting them in forex forum after waiting for 7 days! Even that they response by saying that they don't offered any form of assistance because im just paying them 'small' donations' and if i wanted support i should pay the original USD2k.

I told them that no matter what amount a customer is paying i deserves some service to help me install the EA. They are not doing any charity work and the donations are a very lucrative income for them.

At the meantime i hope i can find some answer in the member area and to my horror the isn't one at all. When i asked about it, apparently they have taken down the member area because of spamming! I suspect that they aren't any member area in the 1st place and they make up those awesome comments.

Until now my problems are not solved and my numerous emails asking for my previous download to sent to me because are my files are corrupted by virus, they have completely ignored me!

For the public, be careful if you want to deal with them and i would definitely NOT recommend those fellows to anyone. What so difficult in helping a customers and replying to their emails provided they know themselves that the EAs they sell are rubbish! These guys (one signed off as Glenn) are arrogant and think they can fool the public with their nonsense attitude.
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Judging by the prices they sell some EAs for, I'll guess that some or all of these are pirated EAs. If so, they are selling stolen items and from your complaint the items are also defective.

Realize that a cheap pirated EA may come with a cost. It may be packed with malware. It may be programmed to make a maximum leverage trade at a pre-programmed time a month from now. If they have enough copies out there doing this, it could cause a small spike that lets the pirates make a trade in the other direction from their own accounts on several brokers. You end up with a probable margin call and they make a few pips while laughing at you.
You are right. How come they are allowed to get away with pirated EAs stolen from other legitimate vendors?...Im abit surprised no one have reported them before and my search on them did not have any negative feedback.
Other EA sellers can't do anything about it if they don't know about it. If you really want to make life hard for mt5-ea, contact the original sellers of each product they list and ask if mt5-ea is a pirate site or not.
I will just do that. I can't just let these guy, Glenn keep continuing cheating others. Please spread the word around, MT5-EA IS A BIG SCAMMER!.....
I received an emails from MT5-Ea saying my account has been blocked and that i was reported to my authorities for abuse with all my personal particulars for view...How can a scammer and a cheat like Glenn (mt5-EA) are allowed to operate their scam activities and threaten innocent person like me for highlighting and warn the public from been cheated by them.

These is what they sent me : Your account has been blocked and you have been reported for abuse to the Malay authorities. (WITH MY PERSONAL PARTICULARS LIKE CONTACT NO.,ADDRESS highlighted)...My personal particulars was keyed in when i made purchases with MT5_EA and now they are using it against me.

I hope ForexPeaceArmy can prominently highlight MT5-EA as a scammer and they threaten those who report them in forex sites..
They are accusing you for abuse?:D What did you do wrong?

Did you notify all the software developers that their software is being sold online for a fraction of their original price? If you did that, sooner or later some of them will report them to the authorities for piracy.
It will take you a few hours, but reporting the site to each company that they are pirating is the best way to shut them down. Also, report the site to whatever payment methods are being used to accept these "donations". Blocking access to cash is another way to fight pirates like this.

Posting your private details is just another unethical tool that a criminal company will use to try to discourage people from reporting them.
Thanks Romeo & Pharaoh....I will do what as per advised by both of you..That guy named Glenn from MT5-EA has threatened me before about releasing my personal particulars if i proceed in highlighting my problems and their dubious activities in forex sites.

It really pisses me off, it is bad for been con of USD169 and now they threaten me with these!
I'm glad you are going to proceed with this. Send copies of any commercial EAs this guy provided to the real sellers of those EAs. That sort of evidence will help them to shut down this pirate's website.