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Problem Is Instaforex $US36.9 million Technocash account Frozen?

I am having an issue with a company


Why is Instaforex having trouble honoring its clients withdrawals? They sent me this message:

Dear Partner!

Your request for withdrawal is active. Unfortunately some delays appears because of the reason there are a lot of requests at the moment. So we kindly ask you to wait a little bit more.
Sorry for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding.

Should you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We highly appreciate your feedback!

Sincerely yours
Partner Relations Department
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Check out these facts:

Instaforex receives client wire transfers to its main account posted on their website as follows:


Well did you know that US prosecutors have announced 45 bank accounts have been restrained or seized.
According to an indictment, three Westpac bank accounts held in the name of Technocash Ltd contained $US36.9 million ($A38.4 million) have been seized. Under a Mutual Assistance Treaty bank accounts in Russia as well as Australia have been restrained. Put the pieces together and this may explain what is happening. Does this explain why the sudden change by Instaforex to pay clients 50% of their money in November. Will they even be around in November. My advice STAY AWAY FROM INSTAFOREX. THEY MAY NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS! If i am wrong I welcome any Instaforex Representative to rebut this statement.

The original news article can be found at the following link:

Read more: Liberty Reserve Shut Down in $6 Billion Online Money Laundering Case

Instaforex (InstaMarkets Ltd.) is supposedly licensed by the International Financial Services Commission in Belize.


Lets begin to register our complaints with them and begin to explore a class-action lawsuit against InstaMarkets Ltd. and its principals. Anyone with a legitamite complaint against Instaforex please PM me or email me at iigfxfund@yahoo.com.
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Another nail in InstaForex's coffin. Do they have enough cash left to break out of the grave or is this the end?
Instaforex (InstaMarkets Ltd.) is supposedly licensed by the International Financial Services Commission in Belize.

ABOUT IFSC - International Financial Services Commission

Lets begin to register our complaints with them and begin to explore a class-action lawsuit against InstaMarkets Ltd. and its principles. Anyone with a legitamite complaint against Instaforex PM me.
Today I finally got part of my money from Instaforex. My account profit was up 400% since January. They gave me my profits minus my LR deposit of $1327. It seems that the LR takedown hurt them bad and they are trying to recoup without going out of business. We will see what happens.
My suspicion is that the InstaForex ship is looking like the Titanic an hour after hitting that iceburg. It's not obviously plummeting to the bottom at the moment, but anyone who counts the lifeboats and the number of passengers can do the math and see that if things get any worse, life will get very unpleasant for those who didn't already secure a seat in a lifeboat.

If you have money with them, fight to get as much as you can out NOW. There may not be anyone left to give it to you later.
Does this mean big brokers also have huge risks as well?
how to ensure a safe broker?
Smart brokers, big and small, didn't keep large amounts of cash in Liberty Reserve accounts.

Although there have been failures in well regulated brokers, these are a tiny fraction of the failures in brokers with little or no regulation. InstaForex is not regulated by anyone other than a club of 4 brokers that seems to be breaking up.

Pick a broker that's properly licensed in Switzerland, the UK, the USA, or Australia. Your chances of getting wiped out by a broker failure will be significantly reduced.