Is it possible to have a disclaimer added to my company's review page?


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Is it possible to have a disclaimer added to my company's review page?

Generally, yes. The FPA has an optional disclaimer display area available for review pages. When it's filled in, the text is displayed near the bottom of the page.

Please be aware that a disclaimer is not an advertisement. It is not for "We're the number one broker and our clients would rather die than try another company." A disclaimer is more along the lines of "Never invest more than you can afford to lose" or "99% of BadBroker's clients never have withdrawn profits."

Besides promotional text not belonging in the disclaimer slot, there is another reason the answer isn't 100% yes...

One broker said they wanted a disclaimer per their regulator's requirements. The demands became very aggressive. The company's representative kept threatening to discontinue the FPA as a partner if the disclaimer wasn't quickly displayed exactly as required by the regulator. The representative provided 2 different versions of the disclaimer, one short and one much longer. The representative also demanded the FPA display a percentage of losing clients that did not agree with the disclaimer shown on their own website. The representative decided the percent to be displayed on the FPA website should match the percent on the company's website only after the FPA asked if the inconsistent percent of losing clients should be highlighted on the review page and also be brought to the attention of the regulator. The FPA repeatedly asked the representative to provide a direct link to the regulator's page which showed the actual requirements. This was so the FPA could be certain that the wording to be shown on the review page matched the regulator's requirements. The representative failed to provide the link after repeated requests. The representative then terminated the company's partnership with the FPA since the FPA dared to ask if the attempt to force the display of inconsistent information should be mentioned on the review page or discussed with the regulator. This didn't harm the FPA, since the broker involved hadn't paid us anything for years.

Because of this, the FPA now has a new policy. It's called the eToro-Mon.H. Policy.

The FPA is happy to discuss additions or corrections of information on review pages. The FPA is not happy to engage in discussions that start or quickly shift to "The FPA must do exactly what we say as fast as possible or there will be severe consequences.", especially if the representative demands what appears to be incorrect information or refuses to answer simple questions about where the FPA can check the requirements.

If a company's regulator requires the FPA review page to display a disclaimer about a company, any request for a disclaimer to be added or an existing disclaimer to be changed must include a link to the page on the regulator's site where the exact wording requirements for disclaimers are laid out. If you are a representative who claims to know what the requirement is, prove it by pointing the FPA to where the requirement is published. If the link is not included, the FPA will ask for the link once. If the link is still not given, the disclaimer will not be changed and any existing disclaimer will be removed.

Any aggressive demands or threats by any company over disclaimers may be posted at the FPA or brought to the attention of your regulator. Even unregulated companies may end up having any abuse of the FPA be publicly noted. Polite discussions may go on as long as necessary to reach an agreement. If no agreement can be reached, then the disclaimer won't be displayed.

I anticipate that well over 90% of disclaimer requests can be done quickly and easily. I hope the FPA never needs to use this policy.

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Please note that if the requested disclaimed is required by your regulator, you MUST also include a direct link to where the rule is displayed on your regulator's website. This is to make certain that any displayed disclaimer is fully in compliance with the regulator's requirements

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