Is Scamconsulting SCC legit?


Hello, everyone.

Recently I keep stumbling on this company from UK. Multiple positive feedback make me feel it is the right company to do a recovery with.
In the past, I have been scammed for a large amount and since then just doing my best to recover..

I certainly do not want to step on the same rakes and lose more money and time priceless. Does anyone have had dealt with'em or know reliably about the success rate of this firm?

Truefull testimonials will be highly appreciated.


I see lots of bold claims and very little to support it. For example, they claim to have some legal cases going, but there's no mention of lawyers or law firms.

If they won't say who the lawyers are, then run away as fast as you can.
A lawyer who led my case named Immanuel Skvorzov, of Belorussian origin, had shown a high level of competency and knowledge towards deep and hidden currents in such uneasy and tricky case as was mine.
I had unsuccessfully fought against a REGULATED broker, InterActiveOption within 4 years, having on my way all kinds of files to CySec, FCA, and even to Interpol. None of those got me to a desirable refund.

Can say boldly, that even SCC had raised a huge amount of doubts, this decision to collaborate with'em didn't come to me easily. However, I made such a step forward and have no regrets today at all.
The SCC team together with Mr. Skvorzov managed to "claw away" my money within just 3 months. Needless to say, that I had to pay for their services not a little, but this amount was deducted from the refund, which I find very clever and honest.