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Problem Is this a classic Tinder scam? - Airpas.io

I am having an issue with a company
all the stories above about the girl in tinder is indeed the same as the investor teacher or even just one person or even a group ... please tell your friends "relatives or relatives to be careful" in using depo funds in forex / brokers that are lacking trusted .. !!
Found a girl on Tinder from HK and supposdely living in my city London.

We talk here and there, limited language barrier. She mentions she is a trader and sends me screenshots of the money she is making. She then asks me if I can do a trade with her because she 'needs to visit the embassay'. So she gives me the login details for her account to which there is 17k USD dollars in there. She said please can you contact this guy called 'Johnson' who is a broker for her brother. So I message Johnson saying hey I'm making the trades for my friend...so on 2 separate days he advises when to buy and close the trades (around 2-3pm both days). 1st time made 7k profit and 2nd time about 2k profit. It all seems too good to be true..none of these people have been pushy and it al came from me asking how I could get involved etc but I guess thats all part of the plan.

He offered to create an account for me which I did and he said whenever you want to deposit and start trading let me know, in return you just give me a percentage of you returns depending how much you are trading with. For example if I deposited 2k USD he would take 20%.

So he makes me an account on MT4 which I downloaded from the google store, not a dodgey APK. I wonder why not MT5...

The website where I deposit the money is airpas.io
The server I connecting to is: MT4AIRPASS Hedg Gapital Limited
https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/12057582 (is this even a legit site? the beta.xxxx seems odd).

I am guessing I am connecting to some fake server that has old fake data and he just makes it seem like I am buying and selling according to his knowledge?


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how to report them ... so they feel like another victim ...

Contact Interpol

*Unit > Choose "Financial Crimes"

Other government related department

Facebook report

if scammer contact via Whatsapp

how to report scammer at telegram

how to report skype abuse

how to report tinder

how to report wechat
Thank God..I searched at the google regarding AIRPASSHEDGE...and I saw this posts..
it happened to me just this week. same thinh a girl met in tinder her name AILIE just like what you have said asking for help to manage her digital currency accnt then after a few days offering me to open an account and shes going to share with me here are the pictures...i dont know if they are the real pictures of them

Lucky you!!!

Is good that people are sharing it. Crypto, investments, trades and pretty girls. Meeting dating sites/online, can direct others here and save them their life. I learned this way too late.
Be careful of asking stuff like this. Other people will take advantage of questions like yours and then promise you they can help you out by paying an upfront fee and such. DO NOT talk to them. They know you are desperate when you lost everything. However do not find any solution when your mind is not clear. Best advice is to find support group. These bastards, garbage will not have a good life. Just let it go brother!
Understand bro.. just suck thumb lo.. no choice
Just happening the same situation with me (I say happening because she doesn't know I discovered the scam, thanks to you all). I not opened the real account, just a demo. I'm still in contact with her. I relate better here the situation:
I have the same problem. A company called Winsie Global. www.winsie.com is ht ewebsite. Claim to be a professional trading platform.
Met a girl on tinder Claimed to live in Japan, only speaks chinese, has a UK telephone number and lived in the Marriot Glasgow before the pandemic.
I could only get onto this site if I registered and gave them a security code which was given to me by her. I traded up to over a million USD then my account got locked and they accused me of money laundering and asked for a further deposit to prove the account was mine. Then a further deposit for Confidentiality Tax. I think I've been scammed for $25000. I feel like an idiot.
Also have same situation and last weekend the vtc chart was very weird. I found this thread and decided to do the opposite by making there loss most of money
from from what I can see from my research there vtc chart is follow btc but at 2 times a day they will make the transactions orders which the vtc will be manipulated after that follow the btc again

the trading time is 15.00 pm. but most of the time it’s 21.00pm.

and this is what I did after I know she is scammer