is scam ?

Stop and THINK before flushing your money down this toilet.

Need proof? Go to their calculator page. Tell it you want to invest $5000. Wow! You made $9000 in profit in 2 months. Let's make it a 10,000 initial investment to make the calculations easy and keep playing and see what happens.

Jan 1st. You invest $10000 and gain $18000 for an alleged total of $28,000 by the end of February.
March 1st. $28,000 in. Profits are $50,400. You now should have $78,400 at the end of April.
May 1st. Insert $78,000 (keep the $400 - makes life easier). Profits are $140,400. Total at end of June is $218,400.

So, for simplified calculations, if you insert 10,000, you'll have more than 20 times as much money in 6 months. Put that money in for another 6 months and you'll have more than 20 times as much again. That would mean that you would have over 400 times as much money in 1 year.

There are hundreds of sites offering "investment plans" like this. So, if you believe the lies on this kind of website, that $10,000 investment would become over $4,000,000 in one year. A year later and you would have over $1,600,000,000. Another year and you would have over $640,000,000,000.

If this really worked, why didn't Obama put in a couple million into one of these at the beginning of his presidency? He could pull the money out a little before the 2012 election and would be hailed as the savior of the US economy. If this worked, why didn't Greece shove a few million in while stalling their creditors? If this sort of thing really worked, why don't you know a few hundred millionaires who made their fortunes this way? The ONLY people making real money on this are the scammers behind the websites.

NO investment pays 3% per day every day like clockwork, no matter what sort of investments and trading they claim to be making. If you place money with this sort of criminal scam, any "profits" you make are just coming from money others placed into the organization. Some of these pay for awhile to build confidence so that you will put in more money and tell your friends that they should join in. Sooner or later, the website will stop processing withdrawals and will then disappear. It's a type of Ponzi scheme called a HYIP.

Read this:

Don't place a cent with any organization like this. Even if you managed to make a little profit before it closes down, you'll just be enabling criminals to steal from others.
Any financial institution that keeps clients funds needs to be regulated, in order to be allowed to do so. This doesn't seem like a financial institution, but just a website!!! Go ahead and ask them more questions, like where are they based and regulated. Let us know the answer. Of course in their ""rules"" they mention As a private transaction, this program is exempt from the US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the US Investment Company Act of 1940 and all other rules, regulations and amendments thereof. We are not FDIC insured. We are not a licensed bank or a security firm.
The funny thing is that the ""rules"" have been copied from another website """" They promise you even 7% daily!!!!!!!:confused: Very professional:)
I also noticed the ""Copyright 2012 United Forex""! I liked that.:D It shows how experienced they are:cool:
If you can''t help it and you feel like you must invest in this investment thing, then ""invest"" $10 and wait 6 years. You will then receive 30.042.723,46. Even better is to invest $5 with fxrona. You will receive 187.253.627.748,66 in just two years!!!
There is always a ""small"" chance that you will not receive this money, but the idea that you have an account of so many millions is nice!!!!!
Funny. was a hyip scam when this question was asked in 2011. Now the domain shows a generic MT4 brokerage. It appears that the domain name was re-registered at the beginning of August 2012. Not exactly consistent with a history dating back to 2006.

Strangely, there's a Mauritius FSC registration dated to 2010.

What website was United Forex at from 2006 until July 2012?
Oh wait. I see the problem. The HYIP was at The new brokerage with the alleged 2006 date is at Looks like one of their people searched the web for any hint of the name in order to post advertisements for them.