Issue with broker reviews. FPA members, share your views and vote!

If a broker review only praises a good employee and gives no details about trading...

  • The FPA should delete the review since it is not helpful

    Votes: 99 88.4%
  • The FPA should approve the review

    Votes: 13 11.6%

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I would say that this would not be helpful to anyone, the people already scammed here and those looking for redress. I think it would be a disservice to read glowing information about a brand new scammer who does not have anything bad about them yet. If that glowing information comes through first, there are going to be more people joining that scammer. Next thing you know, you have an explosion of scammed and people who are upset with the FPA for allowing this kind of information. I see this nothing but a problem for the FPA to the billionth degree. My vote is a heck no!!
Based on the outcome of the poll a new policy is in effect.

As of Monday, July 23rd, no more "I love my account manager" reviews which do not talk about the broker's actual services will be permitted.