It looks like you've been scammed. Are you going to help the scammers or fight back?

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It looks like you've been scammed.
Are you going to help the scammers or fight back?

Table of Contents


Steps Before Reporting a Scam
Step One
Step Two
Step Three

Where to complain by type of scam
Forex Brokers (and crypto brokers)
Binary Options
Pig Slaughter/Romance scammers
Ponzi Schemes and HYIPs
Other forms of Account Management
Software/Signals/Other Trading Products

Useful Resources
DIY Tracing Crypto Transactions

Detailed instructions on complaining to certain regulators/police/consumer agencies
US Securities and Exchange Commission
US Commodities and Futures Trading Commission
US National Futures Association
US Secret Service (Report all scam involving crypto payments here)

UK FCA/FOS/Action Fraud
Lots more (coming soon)

Other places to complain
Global Financial Regulator List
Global Police List
USA State Level Help List (financial regulators, consumer protection, and police)
Global Tax Authorities List (do the potential scammers want tax money?)
More and more lists (coming whenever I find another good one)

Examples (coming soon)


For several years now, I've been gathering information and links for a Scam Investigations Manual. The problem was that it kept growing as I found more things to write about than I had time to write about. Late in the Spring of 2022, I decided to create a second Book of Scam that would have a page or two to describe each of a wide array of scam types to make it easier for potential victims to spot the scammers. I was making good progress, but in early September 2022, AsstModerator asked if I could write a book about scams. I told him I was working on two already. What he wanted was different and he wanted it by the end of the year. Since I'm a glutton for punishment, I now present the third Book of Scam. It's all about how and where to complain to maximize the chances of scammers being caught. If I'm lucky, I can get this one to a more complete state soon and them work my way backwards to get the second Book of Scam published in 2023.

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