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I have been working with Boris and Stan for a couple months now and they are very professional in their understanding of mq4. They present excellent ideas in the coding and provide superior customer service through quick email responses and skype. Other programmers are very frustrating in that you have to wait and wait for an email response. These guys prefer to communicate and get the job resolved as quickly as possible. Ea construction time is reduced dramatically and they will support all their endeavors most conscienciously. They have presented numerous avenues of logic within their code that I ordinarilly would not have thought to include. They grasp the concept of the idea and put it to a mathematical conclusion. My search for an excellent programmer is over. I can now confidently think about what I need done, progress with the ideas, and not have to mess around with less than professional communications and coding queries. I anticipated the best and got the best. My expectations were realistic and they surpassed my expectations. I give them an honest 9.5 of 10.
TFOT v6 Backtesting

You may know BJF's Expert Advisor TFOT (Two Faces of Trend)...

I have done more than 50 back tests of TFOT v6, as shown in the attached spreadsheet. In 4 comparisons, v6 did relatively better than v5. With respect to TFOT v6, I have concluded that:

1) TFOT v6 gives impressive results for the period from 2009 to 2011 and into early 2012, especially if profit is taken to be the Maximum Balance, rather than the Net Profit at the end of the period. On the former basis in a number of tests, it produced an average monthly return on the Initial Deposit (10,000) ranging from 8% to19% with fairly aggressive lot sizes of 1 to 2. TFOT v6 did the best for periods of 2 to 6 months during late 2011. However, it is important to note that the period from 2009 to 2011 and into early 2012 was a period of moderate to high (’mod-high’) volatility for EURUSD and FXE, as shown in the attached graph.

2) For the period of low volatility from April to end-October 2012, TFOT v6 performed erratically and generally poorly with some significant losses of the Initial Deposit. As shown in the attached graphs, EURUSD/FXE volatility steadily declined from April 2012 to a long-term low of October 2012. The EURUSD/FXE average volatility of this period was about half that of the mod-high period.

3) For cases in which UseNeuro set to ‘true’ TFOT v6 produced significantly better results for both the Max Balance and the Net Profit end result for the earlier mod-high volatility period and for periods exceeding 6 months. For test periods below 6 months and with low EURUSD volatility, the difference was unclear overall.

On the above basis, I have concluded that TFOT appears to have great potential when EURUSD has mod to high volatility and it would be unwise to live trading with TFOT v6 while the EURUSD volatility is at this record low.

I am proceeding with forward testing, but because of the low volatility it is making infrequent trades at a snail's pace.

Please note the DISCLAIMER at the bottom of the back test results.



  • TFOT backtest results 121118.pdf
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  • EURUSD 2011_2012 Hist Volatility TOS.JPG
    EURUSD 2011_2012 Hist Volatility TOS.JPG
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Detailed analysis profit/risk for forex robot TFOT 7.0

Detailed analysis profit/risk for forex robot TFOT 7.0

For our analyze we used statements from real accounts since 22.11.2010 till 4.07.2013.

Our goal is to get performance simulation for next month or year. This will allow us and all TFOT’s users to count expected profit. For example, you invested $ 600 and you want to calculate how much money is in your account in a year if you are using forex robot TFOT.


I intend to buy SC-Market EA.

Can you send to me your back test from 01/01/2011 - 07/8/2013 on demo account or possible on real account for five pairs: EURCAD, CADCHF, USDCHF, USDJPY, GBPCAD.

My email: minhduc3344@gmail.com

Thank you so much.
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