Andres Leiva

What's the truth? What do you need?

For every one that's looking in "FOREX" to make money; the first thing that no ones is going to tell you, is the fact that you are going to work in USA with a wild west company. NFA and CFTC have no regulations at all in the United States, letting brokerage firms to act as your counter part (it doesn't happen in Australia and some European countries). These types of company are known in the U.S.A., as Over the Counter (OTC), Off-Exchange or Market Maker companies. This mean that your positions is never going to be filled in the "INTERBANK". Therefore your FCM (Over the Counter (OTC), Off-Exchange or Market Maker company) is not going to act as intermediary broker for you or on your side. THE TRUTH is that in the U.S.A all registered FCM's are going to work against you, trying to obtain your money with all the tricks mentioned in these website reviews (for example: slippage, churning, overnight fees paid to themselves).

I encourage to all FPA members to push the NFA and CFTC to have regulations that let the FCM's act ONLY as brokerage firms or intermediary. This will be a simple solution to the "Forex" market in U.S.A.
Meanwhile this is happening let your FCM steal your money in it's best interest. At the end your going to be betrayed and without money.

Gentlemen, the "Forex" need changes NOW to fairly represent an open market to every one, nor an exclusivity to rich banks (after all, banks wouldn't be rich if it weren't for our money). For all who know how to operate currencies; banks, edge funds, mutual funds and other similar investment institutions; are only society parasites. You deserve the right to manage your money in the way that you choose and without any limitations.

Actually you maybe seeing the "Interbank" price in your platform or graphic package, but you're never are present with your positions inside it.

Best regards,

Andrés Leiva, Miami