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Problem It's Time to Call the UFX Kiss of Death a Scam

I am having an issue with a company
My compliant againest UFX company ( Forex Broker working Through Internet

Complaint against UFX company due to its tampering of my money scamming, and employ non-qualified account manager ( Anan Saad )

First I opened an account with UFX Markets with 500 USD , the account manager promise that will bring me more money with it , after one day he call me and to convince me to debit more money because 500 USD will do nothing , just win 5 dollars daily , and for needed Thousands profit must be my account the amount not less than $ 10,000. I deposited the sum of $ 10,000 by my deposit card , account manager Appeared as trying to prove to me that his work is good and he do successful transaction, but I just profit 100 $ ..

He asked me deposit again the amount of ten thousand dollars, because the day will see a strong move and earnings would be great, I rejected it and told him that I am satisfied with the profit.

I asked for the withdrawal of the amount, but said the amount in achieving earnings for the day. And tomorrow you can withdraw your money and trading with money I've earned. Then the problem is starting , he start do terrible action and make loosing deal and that to coercion me to put more money or I will loose my money 10500$ + profit . because I have no idea what he talk about , I do faster debit more 10000 USD again , he call me after that you do right , the looser deal after debit going to gain profit ( that’s fake program )

I understand all that was fake and I should withdraw all 20000$ , I tell him that i should withdraw all my money , in the same day he open 3 looser deals and he opened the fourth deal which was losing since the beginning of open , I tried to contact him to cancel traders but he asked me to put more money to safe the account , I reject that but he still asked me put more 10000 $ . No money with me.. I can't debit more/

It was going down from 25000$ to 0 in just 3 days from deposit ( non-qualified account manager ) . I will Not believe that (terrible scam )

With This simple game and trading simulation they tried to convince people that they loosing their money , but I am not of that bad people who are being deceived

I contact them to return my money or I should talked about UFX on every social media, on paper news and with Saudi Banks, and with all UFX managers about what happened. They call me and they said that they can help me by return 5000 USD only or no other solution, that will help me to take at first 5000 USD and then will keep going in my compliant

hope to help help me recover my money still have 15000 USD and to block this company from trade
UFx published my personal data, and in 2014 I get calls from scammers of the investment industry. If it happened to you you make a complaint to the guarantor privacy of your country and to this which is that of Cyprus commissioner@dataprotection.gov.cy
Let me know and denounced these scammers
One more part of Cyprus to complain to. Let's hope they are less corrupt than Cysec.
Is there any other way to private message the committee? It is regarding one of my clients who has got badly hurt by UFX.
For all of you out there who were offended and lost money because of UFX here is the full address of their office: hamasger nine St. Tel Aviv, Israel. I already took a lawyer and about to take a direct legal action against their company owners and employees, here is a full list with their names and their position:
Amor Elkarif – Business Development Manager
Chipcia Mihai – Floor Manager
Iulia Alexandra – Senior HR Consultant
Radu Toader – Account Executive
Aella Rimsa – Head of Sales & Marketing
Alex Pirlea – Account Manager
Anca Mărginean – Broker
Catalin Brad – Account Manager
Cristina Spiridon – Account Manager
Popa Eusebiu Andrei – Account Manager
“Richard Binstock – (Past Affiliate Manager)”
“Peter Wiersma (formerly UBINARY.COM UBAffiliates VP)
ParagonEX ——————– Current VP Marketing Toyga
– UFX Affiliates”
TOYGA alliance of UFX (Current/Previous)
Ismael Hassan – Branch Manager
Khalid Al Rafati – Regional Manager
Meirav Koren – VP HR
Miri Hasson – Learning and
Development Manager
Moran Perry Shima – Project Manager
Nicole Addam – Office Manager
Oryana Malinovsky – HR Coordinator
Shiran Harush Shem-Tov – Coordinator
Shirley Hayat – HR Recruiter
Tal Aizik – HR Recruiter
Yossi Greenhime – HR Manager
Youssef Soussan – Training Specialist
Gidon Jablonka

Ari Waknine – Sales/Customer Service
Ariel Vider – Sales Management
Aviva Segal – Affiliate Manager
Benny El Shir – Sales Management
Eman Mouallem – Sales Team Leader
Evad Fahele – Sales Manager
Maya Kenner Fitoussi – Sales
Natalie Benshimol – Sales Management
Ori Balkanyi – Data Analyst
Ortal Fulber Cohen – Account Manager
Shiran Lev – Team Lead
Sibel Dusi Namer – Account Manager
Alona Kolganov – Web Designer
Avivit Abuhatzira – Graphic Designer
Dor Nahum – Designer
Jeries Bisharat – Toyga Media
Jon Bar – Media
Nofar Vilf Confortes – Toyga Media
Ofir Ben Yosef Epstein – PR & Branding
Ran Laskier – Toyga Media
Regine Malka Taieb – Senior Media Buyer
Saleem Si – Account Manager – Media
Aviva Segal – Affiliate Manager
Ofir Ben Yosef Epstein – PR/Branding
Omer Rapaport – Product Marketing Director
Peter Wiersma (formerly UBINARY.COM UBAffiliates VP) ParagonEX ——————– Current VP Marketing Toyga – UFX Affiliates
Amir Msalha
Cheli Mizrachi
Elad Rolnitzki
Elan Kol
Gal Alfy Akerman
Grace Damouni
Katerina Giladi
Liat Binyamin
Lilian Ag
Lina Haj
Montasr Mzlbt
Naama Erez
Natalie Benshimol
Ofir Ruf
Or Kaykov
Pavel Riazanov
Ran Itzkovich
Reuven Alayev
Sagi Sabati
Tal Bar
Tal Even
Yaniv Yifrach
Yuval Schechter

I will post further information and a guide for the required legal actions that you can take in order to get your funds back during next week