Jadcapital - Anyone heard about it?

Marcelo Rosa

Master Sergeant
Dear members, another company came to my hands: http://www.jadcapital.com

I never heard about it, not much information over the Internet as well.

Anyone has previous experience with this company? They are the money managers and the brokers they work with are GBE brokers and ADS Securities as main partners, although on the website it mentions other brokers, such as – Axitrader – FXCM – Dukascopy – Forex.com – Swissquote – Saxobank.

Website is very basic, apparently has 5 years old, I couldn't find the track record, you have to ask them and in my opinion, this is something that should be opened to the public. But it doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I haven't spoke with the staff yet. So I don't have a full feedback yet.

Anybody that has experienced this company, please share your thoughts.


4Xangels Representative
Before starting any activity with any account manager, you have to make sure that:

Most important is to be with a trustworthy broker.
The broker is cooperating with them
Their performance is good and stable for a reasonable period of time (2 years)
Sign a LPOA

Marcelo Rosa

Master Sergeant
Yeah, I'm a part time trader and fund manager, but I also look other companies around the world for possible private investment and to help people to avoid being in a scam. So having a LPOA is paramount for me, the website/manager should be very transparent, track record of at least 1 year, preferably over 2 years, keeping drawndown to no more than 20%, work with brokers that are regulated under FCA/NFA/FINMA for example. Work with SL's to protect the clients capital of unexpected market conditions. It's very hard to find a managed company that fits all those criteria levels, most of the time, you'll find companies promising guaranteed % monthly returns, this simply doesn't exist.

Have strong regulation doesn't mean you're capital will be safe, if the manager trades badly, you can still lose your principal, but is better being regulated than no being at all.

ADS Securities is regulated under FCA and under the UAE Law, that's where I live, which is a good thing, now GBE brokers is regulated by CYSEC and by BAFIN in Germany, after what happen to Iron Fx, which was regulated by so many regulators, I'd rather stick to ADS Securities. But so far I won't invest a penny, it will take few months to do a full investigation and get a full report.

Marcelo Rosa

Master Sergeant
I asked Jadcapital to provide me the track record and this was the following answer:

" Dear Marcelo,

Many thanks for contacting JAD CAPITAL, we avoid sharing our myfxbook because of lots of people asking either to copy trades or they are fund managers who need to sell our performance as their performance, therefore maybe if interested we can show you statements from our history for almost one year.

In case of any further questions please let us know.

Best regards,


As a myfxbook user, I don't agree with that, if you don't want people to copy your trades, you simply don't enable the copy trades mode inside myfxbook, or just update your myfxbook at the end of each day. Having a third party company to verify the trades is paramount for me.


Hi, I also been looking up this company to invest in, I also got a reply today to the following, the detailed statement was incredibly impressive also, which although good still raises flags in my head. There was 0 commission also too from the broker, indicating a market maker. Anyway here is the email they sent to me:

Dear Mr,
My name is Linda Ramos from Jad Capital, Thank you for your interest in having business with Jad Capital, We have tried to reach you per telephone but unfortunately we couldnot..

Kindly check the attachment

Also kindly find the link for see our performance. This is small account, it is just to let our clients see our performance as we in JAD CAPITAL dont provide all our clients statement.

Our Partners & Licenses :

You have options for Brokers

AxiTrader UKis a trading name of AxiCorp Limited which is registered in England and Wales under registered number 06378544. AxiCorp is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority –FCAReference Number 509746. Our registered address is 55 Baker Street, London W1U 7EU,UK.
AxiTrader is a registered business name of AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd (AxiCorp). AxiCorp (ACN 127 606 348) is authorised and regulated by theAustralianSecurities & Investments Commission (ASIC) AFSL number 318232

axitrader.com/ae-en/live-account? promocode=445926

GBE BrokersLtd (CIF license number 240/14), is regulated and licensed under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) to provide the following investment services in relation to the financial instruments stated and Germany, BAFIN number ID: 145366
GBE Brokers Ltd. Große Elbstraße 145
22767 Hamburg – Germany
JAD Capital Support :00447520618895
gbebrokers.com/en/accounts/registration/private-client/ ?br=1651&hib=1

Terms of offering :

Minimum Investment : 10,000 USD or equivalent
Performance Fee : 30%
Average Monthly Returns 10-20%
Attempted Annual Return: 100-110%
Deposits/withdrawals Anytime
Risk Factor 5-10 %
Instant access to your money
Accounts held at banks brokerage
Management Fee : 0%
High Water Mark : Yes
No commissions, No management fees

The JAD Capital 3 Program is an automated trading strategy, which trades conservatively most of the time and may be applied aggressively when opportunity presents itself. Specific Trading pairs are continuously monitored, mostly during the Asian and New York session. Three-dimensional charting is utilized in order to assess market direction and then take trades with the trend using three different sub-strategies. Jad 3 mainly does short-term trades .

If you are interested in opening an account, please visit page brokers

email us newaccount@jadcapital.com

Note : All your payments process, deposit and withdrawal request will be direct with the broker not with us , Jad Capital does not receive any money or documents


I see a big red warning flag. Jad Capital appears to want you to sign up via their IB link. This means they get paid a cut of spread and/or commission on every trade, winning or losing. The temptation to churn accounts will always be there.