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Special Consultant to the FPA
A quick status update on the coins that i shared end of october..

1. Theta => Over % 600 gain from the price I shared. Still not too late. Current price is 4.37 usd and my end of year prediction is 40 usd
2. Chainlink => It doubled from the price I shared. Current price is 28 usd and my end of year prediction is 150 usd
3. Zilliqa => Over % 600 gain. Current price 0.115. EOY prediction 1 usd
4. XRP => It doubled from the price I shared. CP 0.46. EOY prediction 8 usd
5. Bitcoin Cash => It doubled from the price I shared. CP 500usd . EOY prediction 8000usd
6. Digibyte => Over % 300 gain. Current price 0.055 EOY prediction 0.5 usd
7. Cardano =>
Over % 900 gain. Current price 1.2 EOY prediction 8 usd.
8. Polkodat => Over % 600 gain. Current price 36usd EOY prediction 150 usd.
9. Reserve Right => Over % 500 gain. Current price 0.066 EOY prediction 0.5 usd.

Here are the updated "buy up to" prices for our top crypto's.

Dent— $.02. DENT could reach ~$.10 in 2021. $1 DENT doesn't seem likely this year, but that's just my investment opinion.

Theta— $20 Note: Based on market sentiment, 'gut' feeling, adoption rate, partnerships (announced and yet-to-be announced), $80 THETA by the end of this year is very possible. $200+ Theta in 2022 is also possible. $1000+ in a couple of years...

Cardano— $2 Note: $6-$10 ADA in 2021, $20 in 2022.

Zilliqa— $.25 Note: $1 ZIL in 2021. $5 in 2022

Bitcoin Cash— $900 Note: $250,000 BCH by 2025. $5000 this year is conservative; $8000 possible. $8000 is only a 2x from BCH's previous ATH of $4000. BCH has been in accumulation mode for a couple of years. A massive cup and handle pattern forming and a 100% increase likely coming in a month+.

Theta Fuel— $1 Note: I believe TFUEL to $3 to $5 could happen by the end of 2021.

Chainlink— $50 Note: $150 to $200 LINK in 2021. When staking is announced, the $50 buy up to price may change because there will be an influx of investors getting this token.

Polkadot— $50 Note: DOT should at least perform a 4x from its current value this year to ~$150. $250 or more for DOT sometime in 2022 (it seems like it wasn't too long ago when DOT was just $4).

DigiByte— $.25 Note: with the partnership with Microsoft Azure and WordPress, we may see $.75 and as much as $1 for DGB in 2021. A possible $5 DGB in 2022. But don't kill the messenger if it reaches just$2 or $3 next year.

XRP— $1 Note: Hold some XRP. XRP and FLR could surprise everyone after the SEC nonsense is over. $10-$20 in late 2021 or early 2022. Some think much, much higher. XRP has quietly reached $.70.

Stellar— $1 Note: When XRP blows up, XLM usually follows. Hedge your bets and get both of these.

Bitcoin— ? Note: I wouldn't buy BTC at these levels. BTC is now $57,000 and it almost touched $60,000 recently. I have bitcoin, and it is not a sin to hold BTC, BCH and other 'competing' currencies as a hedge. It is next level to overcome tribalism, polarity thinking.

The profit potential and risk/reward for BTC is not in our favor, in my opinion. Bitcoin has less than a 2x in front of it for this year, if my prediction is correct. Other coins, even ETH, should bring us a better ROI.

Cosmos— $25 Note: ATOM is earning 9% interest by staking them in the Atomic or Exodus wallet. Atom is very underrated.

Origin Trail— <$.50 Note: TRAC has done well, and it has surpassed the previous 'buy up to' price.

Ethereum— $2500 Note: ETH should go to $10,000 per my prediction from a year ago. Hold some ETH if you think $10K is conservative and $15K to $20K is more likely.

Reserve Rights— $.10 Note: Anything can happen with RSR. $.50-$2 by 2022.

Aave— $600 Note: AAVE is my third favorite DeFi project. Remember that Chainlink is the #1 DeFi project because all of them need LINK to function. ETH is my second favorite DeFi.

When Do We 'Cash Out'?

Some people are saying this bull market will end in September or in Q4. We will probably see crypto euphoria at that time, but it doesn't necessarily mean the bull market will end suddenly like it did in January of 2018. We may be taking some profits in Q4, but we plan to hold most of them for the longer term. I just don't believe the bear market will be as severe as it was during the last cycle.

Meaning, the duration should be shorter and the overall drop in market cap won't be 80%-90% like before.

Still, we may take some profits during the months of September through December. We might see pullpacks until that time.. Just stay calm.

The reason for the possible profit-taking at that time would be to invest in real estate.

Again, the majority of the portfolio will be held for the long term because these aren't speculative assets like they (mostly) were back in 2017. A lot of these projects have a real use-case. Essentially we are holding in our hot little hands, internet 3.0 and money 3.0.

We posses digital assets that will change the world for the better. Selling these priceless assets into old, tired, dirty fiat just doesn't excite me very much, unless I absolutely need to in order to buy real estate.

For the most part, all of the our digital assets are still greatly undervalued. And no, it is not too late to buy them.


Private, 1st Class
We are still in the bull market and I expect to see new all time highs before October latest. HODL.

Thanks for the heads up! With the present bear market for some time, will you still recommend those coins above to reach the prices suggested?


Special Consultant to the FPA
On the monthly we have stop grabber buy in play.


On the weekly market showed good reaction from XOP + F5 + Tdst support + TD Sequential buy signal around 30k. (Massive cluster zone ). We have strong dynamic pressure on the weekly trend change.


On the daily, confluence around 41k and TDST support at 40k stand as good levels to long the market for the next leg up. Weekly and monthly traders will be looking to fade the daily sell at good support.


Note: It will be smart to long altcoins instead of bitcoin when bitcoin find good supports. My end of year target for bitcoin is around 88k which is 2x from current prices. But alts can do easy 5-6x from here when bitcoin reaches 88k.


Special Consultant to the FPA
Bitcoin doing a decent pull back from weekly agreement resistance level as expected.


Market found good support right at daily confluence. Bitcoin continues to respect Dlevels perfectly. Our context is monthly stop grabber buy + weekly up trend. Daily confluence at 43-44 stands as good support to fade the daily sell signal.