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Special Consultant to the FPA
We'll Get Through This, Pain Is Temporary, Perhaps Necessary

When the market falls like it has now, and portfolio values drop by xx% for members and crypto investors as a whole, I feel it deeply. You feel it. I feel it.

This is a temporary setback, yet many don't realize it. But I feel the pain through you.

I remember this Bitcoin drop in November of 2018 very clearly:


  • I woke up to look at my Blockfolio app, only to see yet another drop from the December 2017 Bitcoin high of close to $20,000, but this one was more like a waterfall. Or a descent into the Great Chasm.
Anxiety and heart palpitations began that morning, and persisted for several weeks.

Some of you must be experiencing this same unpleasant reaction. I know it. We're all connected.


A year ago or perhaps a little bit longer than that, I was on such a perfect timing streak that I thought I was unstoppable.

Timing is such a monster. No one can tame it. Not me, not even professional soothsayers.

Timing is a behemoth that can't be completely controlled. Just when you think you've subdued it, it then lets you know that it can't be mastered.

Cryptos Are The Best Investment Class To Be In

Cryptos have and will continue to mint millionaires, but becoming a millionaire isn't easy. It shouldn't be. The Universe seems to want to test our resolve, to see if we're worthy.

From a pragmatic perspective, it's also times like these that'll create the next wave of millionaires+, because generational wealth is built after a market collapse and contraction─ we're able to accumulate much more crypto compared to a roaring and raging market.

Although it may not seem like it at the moment, good cryptos are the best investment that we'll ever see in our lifetimes. Time is all we need, and time can be our best friend but it might humble us first.