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Are you following my trades ?

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Sive Morten

Special Consultant to the FPA
Many thanks for the update Sive, I hope Roger stays virus free and can get back to base soon. Do you think any of the outstanding pending signals should be cancelled as Roger is not in communication?
Well, I suppose this is decision is up to the follower of the signal. I suggest that if you just follow the signal mechanically, say by trade copier, - then it would be better to cancel, while if you understand the background (or maybe Roger provided explanation in Analysis thread) - then, it could be kept. But the problem will be with updating, if necessary. So, this choice is up to you guys.

Best wishes Roger, stay safe.
take care of yourself
The signals can wait..

Thanks guys, as I know he's OK, not infected, just logistics problems.


Private, 1st Class
Greetings to everybody,

I have a note, guys. I've contacted to Roger, he is stuck in one of the emerging countries in Asia as all borders are closed, he has limited access to internet and now has no ability to place fresh signals. He asks pardon him. Signal service is not cancelled, we keep it up, but currently is technical difficulties beyond of our control. So, stay in touch...
Wait, don't say he is in Bali. Because if he is, I'd better to find a chance to meet him :D