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I will keep adding to this as different questions/situations arise. For now, the main thing that I want to convey is the rules on posting signals.

In order to manage this signal process in a way that is more comfortable for everyone. I decided to share the investor passwords of the accounts that I have opened for this thread.

Currencies, Indices, Commodities,Stocks => Hotforex MT4 (The only reason I chose this broker is that it has many CFD instruments available.)

Login: 40373124

Investor: MXPzwK2N

Crypto Currencies => Trades to be shared on my own account in Bitfinex.

Hotforex account is created with a starting capital of 5000usd each. Screenshots showing the history and balance to be shared regularly.
Risk on each trade will be around %10 which carries a high risk. When copying the signals adjust your lot size according to your capital and leverage. Preferably 2- 3 percent on each trade. Remember "Size is the enemy of a knowledgeable trader"
Only limit orders will be placed on higher timeframe charts as ''Pending'' orders. The status of the signal will be updated as "Open" or "Cancelled" later on.
Most of the methods require placing the Take Profit and Stop Loss once the order is filled. I will be providing a parachute stop for any case. %95 of signals will have a minimum 1:1 risk-reward ratio.
Real stop loss and take profit orders can also be changed according to market conditions so you need to keep an eye on the signal post.

All questions/comments in the thread are more than welcome but please note that posts that do not add any value in terms of education to the thread will be removed after a certain time (weekly) in order to not junk the thread space and let everyone reach to the provided information more efficiently. If you have any other questions; you can always reach me via private message and/or e-mail (rogertc@yandex) . Thank you for your understanding.

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Please I cannot see any signal here or is there a special place I can get them?

Awaiting your reply soonest.



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Hi, Can anybody pls help me understand on how to estimate Tp and sl target for Dinapili Drpo failure pattern? thanks in advance
Hope RogerTC will correct me if I'm wrong...or add his observations
TP usually safe option is OP from 2repo. SL, one say it's when price closes over 61.8% second swing high-low. Conservative can be above max/min price (depending if 2repo is bearish/bullish action)