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HI Asst Moderator, what to do when they do not respond to your FPA invitation? They are trying to refund me but their terms and amount is ridiculous and I am NOT happy.
See this


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For companies with more reviews, this is more effective. As your complaint progressed, your review gained weight. The FPA's reviews are already time weighted and also weighted by guest vs registered member.

All other things being equal, if two five star reviews came in for them, the rating would be (5+5+1)/3 = 3.667. In this case, since your review is now very heavy, two 5 star reviews would not be able to drag the rating up nearly that far.

If you can find anyone else online who's had problems with them, try to get those people to come, leave reviews, and open threads. This could lead to a scam vote.

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Hi there. I was scammed 2 years ago by the same people. Gerrard de graff & his team of 300 scammers have been operating for years, they seem to think its ok to steal money & just carry on but its time these criminals were brought to justice.

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oh goodness, what is the update so far? Did you manage to get any settlement or where else have you made your complaint?


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Hi there. I was scammed 2 years ago by the same people. Gerrard de graff & his team of 300 scammers have been operating for years, they seem to think its ok to steal money & just carry on but its time these criminals were brought to justice.

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I have been nice and forgiving and not making more compliants here because they have approached me to reach an agreement for a settlement. However, their offer is ridiculous for the amount they have scammed me. For a transfer of about USD $430,000, they came back with a $40,000 refund initially, saying that I was the one who lost the money in my account when it was them that traded away my money and opened trades for me all the time, despite me telling them not to in recordings and email as proof!!! I continue to negotiate until they finally agreed to an amount of USD 170,000 over 7 instalments but still I was not satisfied as they have really done me huge injustice. When I lowered my settlement amount from USD $350k to USD $200k, they stuck to USD 170k. When I finally agreed to it, they came back and say

- We propose a refund of the amount of $100,000 (one hundred United States Dollars) refunded to you in increments of $4,000 (four Thousand United States Dollars) as a first payment, and after that $3,000(three Thousand United States Dollars) per month for a 32 months period, starting 28th February 2020 and ending on the 31st October 2022.

Please be aware that if this agreement will take place, you agree that you have no right to claim your funds reflecting on your trading account. It will no longer belong to you by any law even if the amount in the trading account higher than the settlement amount, and the account will be reset to zero.

You will still have access to the account history for Tax purposes.

Now that is the most ridiculous settlement I have ever heard of, over 32 months?!?!!!!! Will they even exist then. They are bullies when I have softened and continue to hold me in their manipulation!!!

You can see the whatsapp chat I have with their bogus broker Ryan Hawkins on how he made me transfer another USD 150k for a black trading event that didn't return that much profit but only made the whole account go roller coaster AGAIN since Dec 2018, which require me again and again to top up to save margin call wipe outs and also put in money for insurance which didn't insure anything!!!! I made so much cries to them but they will not allow me to withdraw a single cent unless I allow them to trade with more of my money until it reaches $1M in the account. It finally did, but that is only after I ended up with USD$430k with them with an almost equal amount of their BONUS even if it reaches a Million, there's hardly any real profit as it is all our trading capital anyway. Then instead of allowing me to withdraw even just my initial capital don't want their bonus or profit, or to give me monthly returns of USD 125k as they promised, they dropped me a bomb say I have to transfer USD $283k to them so that I can liquidate the account. That is when I realised this is whole thing is a total SCAM!!!!!! I refuse to transfer any more money to them and made police reports. Despite me warning them not to touch the account anymore, they traded without my permission and now the account only has about $193k so they claim. I can't even log in anymore!!!!

See attached their first Welcome email by James Feldman the Analyst that I suspect does not have real credentials nor real names. How good they claim their track record to be. Can this be verified NOW? NO!!! Not from the outcome that I experienced!!!! They are manipulating to get all this money from me and NOT return it!!!!

I have even more documentation and recordings and proof with me that they are a total fraudulent company and owe me my deserved settlement of USD 350K and above!

Jonesmutual is the same company that also operates Olsson Capital, already a scammed company and non existent. Now they are also scamming using Investteck!!! Be warned!!!!!

They are still not coming to trader's court despite two invitations!
Please invite them here again since i am not satisfied with their settlement which they tried to take advantage of the situation.



So, over the period from 3 Dec 2018 to June 2019, I was misled with quick win profits and withdrawal promises and lies. I was manipulated by the brokers as they controlled what to trade and made the trades win and lose as they please, so that I would invest more and be trapped by the fraudsters. After an initial string of wins where they gained my confidence and persuaded me to invest to about USD 40k, where the company would also deposit the same, they then advised and opened for me trades which immediately suffered huge losses requiring me to top up each time to cover margin losses. The rest of the deposits were put in out of desperation to save my account. They provided me endless lies and assurances along the way to make me deposit more so that they can trade huge lots to bring the account to a target of USD1M, of which I can then withdraw on my account. It only came to my senses that it was an investment scam on 17 April 2019 when they closed my account of USD1,045,763.23, and demanded that I transfer USD288K to liquidate the "bonus" so that I can withdraw all the money that was in the account then. I refused to as that was not any of the agreement earlier where I needed to pay them more to liquidate my account. They also refuse to transfer even my initial deposits back even when I did not want their bonus deposits nor profits. They subsequently started trading my account again despite my plea and demands to stop trading and refund me my money. They continued to ignore me and traded all my money to a balance of USD193,319.07 today as informed by them. I am not even given access to log back into my account now. I am not able to withdraw any of my money back at all.

Here is the whatsapp chat you can see how the scammer gave empty promises and never fulfil and only more and more money to be transferred otherwise they will not liquidate nor take care of my account.
When I didn't, they dwindled the money inside away via their own hands without my participation at all as I cannot log into my account.



Hi there. I was scammed 2 years ago by the same people. Gerrard de graff & his team of 300 scammers have been operating for years, they seem to think its ok to steal money & just carry on but its time these criminals were brought to justice.
HI thank you for writing on my thread. Please contribute more. Admin is hoping you will also open your own thread so as to seek justice. I would like to hear more about your story. Thank you

Very Sorry to hear about what happened to you. When I saw the amount they scammed you for I had to go and check their website out and google search their name and reviews / scammers and a lot comes up about them been scammers. I really hope you find them and recover your funds.

I'm sure Admin will post you links to invite them here do they can respond to their unlicensed fraudulent brokerage

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Hi Walter, thank you for reading and commenting on my thread and searching them up. Please help to write more so that my case gets the attention it needs. thank you!

I've looked up and the companies are not even registered in Estonia!?

On the first page of their site:
Jones Mutual is owned and operated by Kolusha OU, Harju maakond, Tallinn, Keslinna linnaosa, Roosikrantsi tn 2-K276, 10119, Estonia.
Jones Mutual is owned and operated by GreenRiver OU (The "Company"), with registered address Harju maakond, Tallinn, Keslinna linnaosa, Parda tn 4, 10151, Estonia; operational addressC

Neither Kolusha OU or GreenRiver OU are registered in Estonia? - No results Found.

Their T's&C's say: This Agreement is executed by and between GreenRiver OU with registered address Harju maakond, Tallinn, Keslinna linnaosa, Parda tn 4, 10151, Estonia – with MTR Financial Services License FRK000098 and FRK000118. - Can't see these licence numbers registered anywhere either? What is an MTR Financial Services License anyway.

The operational address 77 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Grand Canal Docklands, Dublin, Ireland is possibly a virtual office address. (seeing as the above companies are not even registered in Estonia this is most probably a virtual office setup)

ASIC advises this company could be involved in a scam. Do not deal with this business as it is unlicensed in Australia.
The business listed below has made unsolicited calls or sent emails about investing, financial advice, credit or loans and does not hold a current Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence or an Australian Credit licence from ASIC.
More information on dealing with investment scams and banking and credit card scams.

Green River Ou
also known as Jones Mutual and Invest Teck. - (hosted via Cloudflare and the web server is down so no access to
Harju maakond Tallinn Keslinna linnaosa Parda tn 4, 10151, Estonia,
77 Sir John Rogerson's Quay Grand Canal Docklands Dublin Ireland
Ph: +353 -76 680 5512, +372- 880 4891
Account name: GreenRiver Ou
Bank name: Societe Generale
Thank you very much for the research and putting the information here. Please help to post more about them or support me in my continued stories about them. I will be posting more as they tried to negotiate with me but it didn't work out.


Here is a very clear example how their senior analyst pushed me to get a loan. If I don't send him money, he will dabble off my profits, which wasn't much at all....
See the attached screen shot, he wrote in his broken or angry english "I would of dabble your profits if you would wire the loan as agreed today".

That is totally unacceptable behaviour, isn't it?



I am pasting our emails here so that you can follow the saga of how the scam happened, from day 1. Firstly, I now confirm the identities of James Feldman and his credentials are all FAKE!!!
You will see in later emails what horror he does and nothing like his Welcome email below:
He was also complained by an Investteck victim, showing that he works in the boiler room scamming people using different platforms at the same time!!!!

James Feldman JonesMutual <>
Mon, Dec 3, 2018, 9:59 PM
to me

My name is James Feldman and I am a senior analyst with Jones Mutual.
Firstly, I want to welcome you to our firm, great to have you here!

Secondly, Jones Mutual is the biggest trading firm in 2017, we are the leading trading company who specialized in four of the largest traded markets in the world : commodities, currencies, stocks and indices.
I am the executive Account manager of a trading group which focuses in profiting from the market with 27% to 31% monthly return.
My trading group currently for 2017has 66 registered profitable trading accounts, 22 managed accounts and over 10,000 purchased contracts that I personally offer to my traders.

One of the trading groups’ best interest, is to build an infrastructure to a fruitful successful business relationship with the traders.
Moreover we take a huge advantage from fundamental and technical event from the financial calendar, utilizing ONLY the most profitable and low risk events.
So, for every position we take with our clients there is a 88%-91% success rates, 75-85 % payout for a single trade !!!
Therefore , EACH client trading in this group, generates 27%-31% (trading under TIER 1 ) profits MONTHLY

Working side by side with all of the major money makers, banks and the largest private investment firms globally.
We have inside information on an hourly and daily basis, reaching ONLY the highest rated fundamental events such as CPI,PPI, Manufacturing PMI, crude oil inventories retails sales and more..

The firm Allocates only to my trading group clients, Access to the Analyst Department on a regular basis, in order to have more approach to accurate technical analysis trades.
Our analysts analyzes 24\7 to create accuracy, stabilization and steadiness to every trader who works with us.
Providing a primary \secondary source of income to the trader, in some cases even a third or fourth.
A higher yield for existing investments, higher return for 401k’s ,trust fund capital, variable annuities ,and a general higher percentage for savings kept in the bank.

As a Senior broker , I put the focus in all of my clients as a number 1 priority, reaching to the financial objectives we set to each client.
Moreover , I also advice my client in the trading group about different debts, loans, various expenses money and risk management .

My well known moto to successful profitable trading account is
: trust , communication and emotions control will bring you to the TOP ( with my small push haha..)
I formally invite you to be a part of my trading group, an inseparable part of a large wealthy family, which makes there life much more comfortable , lucrative and debtless.

Please add me on SKYPE ASAP, reply to this email,
And you are one step closer to my personal trading group.

Looking forward hearing from you !

Best Regards,

James Feldman
Senior Analyst ++353766805512