Joseph of trading solutions -SCAM


Hi... Above person..offering EA - but half a product sent...that doesnt work....
sends out EA without passwords and then doesnt answer emails. Although you will get sales emails and video emails on fictitious ea.

Sends out convincing emails about support on website and constant emails saying hes trading -there is no support...Unsure how many other people have been scammed... No support... Seems to be all fictitious stringing along until when receipt period is hear no more -like his surname advertised..non existent....he runs off into the wilderness with your money -£158 per head. A very bad company to deal with.

I will be filing a report with fed police of his country to investigate him further and I suggest others do also to stop this theft of peoples money. looks to be the same as

You can file a complaint with - Your site for cross-border complaints.

To get your money back, try visiting the payments processor at They have a live chat option.

If that doesn't work, call your credit card's issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Explain the situation and as if a chargeback can be done.

I would like to add to this, that was using my trade copier application for a little more than a month and in the meantime I got one of his clients complaining that Joseph does not deliver the services that he promised him to. So I asked Joseph (as he was my customer of the trade copier app) what is this all about? I did not get any response from him and he did not even paid for the trade copier. So Joseph owns me 200+ EUR and he never responds.
The guy simply tries to cheat and lie to everyone on his way. Beware.