JuneBowes Scam broker


Interesting. I fell for the psychological scam. It’s like that video was created from my experience.
I was dupped into a very similar situation. The scammer set up a fake Binance page and pretended to run a copy trading service on the Binance platform. The sight looked very legit with all of Binance's terms of service, copyrights, logo, and everything else. I requested a withdrawal and it went through just fine, but then I requested a second withdrawal and they froze my account and the withdrawal was never processed. When I asked him where that is shown in the terms of service posted on the website, he just totally ignored me and said there is nothing he could do and that this came down from Binance. They wouldn't even just cancel with withdrawal. The only way to get my withdrawal and to get my account unfrozen was to add another $20,000 to my account. I was told Binance took care of all the transactions, but when I contacted Binance they didn't know what I was talking about and assured me that they were not connected with this trader or his copy trading service. The next thing I knew, the group site was taken down the next day and within a couple of days, the entire website disappeared with everyone's money. I only lost $3800, but others had huge accounts, hundreds of thousands that they lost. The trader's name was Mark Hayers; the group he ran was under Changing Lives and the website was promanagedaccounts.com. This is the exact same scam that a group called BTG ran a few years ago with a trader called Lincoln Bryan. I lost about $5800 with them. This one really had me fooled though with the fake Binance website; it really looked legitimate and I thought I was investing on the Binance platform. Scammers are everywhere and it is really sad; you don't even know what is real or not anymore.