Just be careful with Queen Investments!


Hi @Scammedbyforex so you got scammed by www.queeninv.com right?

You may want to say hi to your 'account managers' or 'senior brokers', located on this address:

Trasilion EOOD, 22 Zlaten rog street, Lozenetz district, Sofia 1407, Bulgaria. Registered as call center and marketing agency. Classic.

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Here, it's most complete structure you can find: https://bird.bg/tr/?v=view&guid=204442391

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So Israeli-Georgian Moshe Yosebashvili born 1981 is the owner and operator of the LTD company that stole your money, it appears so. Before him, Daniel Tal, also Israel citizen. Possible public pictures:
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More about him: https://www.roadracing.sk/m-sr-sp-aa/predstavujeme-moshe-yosebashvili/

Trasilion Ltd staff-callcenter agents: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimitrina-shapshalova-a9028b142/View attachment 63311
More from this obviously connected SR-Firm LTD:
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That's the gang... knock your self out.
Thank you very much for the information!