Just Forex Stophunting taken to a whole new level!


If you do an internet search on stop hunting, the number of results returned is staggering.
But Justforex has some pretty good software to change prices even if takes a manipulating of 100 point from actual average prices.
I have seen a lot of MM brokers but Justforex wins the prize of smart algorithm!
I opened a buy position on eurusd 1.1140 and mysteriously dropped a full 120 points to 1.1128 in 1 sec and afterwards going back to 1.1169!

I have seen all the other charts when knowing every broker has his own prices but i didnt find any broker or newsfeed where price reached near 1.1128 before news.

After speaking to their customer service they (Iwan, w) told me they suffered some technical difficulties and told me to send a email complaint to their department about this issue.
After 1 week i got a email that was more surprised the manipulating price feed.. The department was writing me about market executions and requotes.....is this a joke? I traded 4.2 lots so image the loss and potential win if they didnt made huge manipulating prices..

Dear Mounir,

Thank you for contacting us!

Please, note that there were no technical problems when you traded. Our real server worked in a proper way.

We understand that the loss of funds is extremely undesirable situation, and we are sorry that this situation was happened to you. But you should know that we provide the Market Execution only, so while high volatility is on the market, there may be slippages. Slippages suggest the broadcasting market quotations that show a very high activity of the market at the time of the important economic news release. Please note that we have no influence on the quotes, we just display currency quotations, which are obtained from a liquidity provider and these quotations reflect current market conditions.


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With 4 digits quotes, I assume they are a Market Maker not Market Execution . My advice is take your money and go to other broker.


I understand there are MM but there are good MM and bad MM. I open this case to assume to go to court here in FPA.


I believe this one is another October 7th flash crash issue. 12 pips isn't all that big of a difference under those circumstances.


JustForex Representative
Hello, Mounir!

We are really sorry that you've faced such a situation. Let's see why did it happen. Since we can't see a certain date on your screenshots, we can suggest that it happened on Friday, October 7. There was high volatility on EURUSD indeed. The matter was the news that were released at 15:30 (GMT +3.00).
Here are two screenshots:
- Investing.com Economic calendar (Friday, October 7).
- Chart from MT4 where we can see the moment of sharp price movement.
Was it that period?

We have to admit that we guarantee Market execution for our clients. You have to be careful while trading during important news.
We are also ready to answer all your questions to understand the situation and solve the problem.


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