JustForex just trying to use multis to just grab Exness clients.


Spamming from the offices of JustForex
But I still don't understand why they leave.
I also saw on Facebook (Link to multi's FB account removed.), that Exness clients from Malaysia can get really good benefits if they switch to JustForex. Maybe other brokers also have some promotions like that.

Spam Cat knows you did more than "find" such information. Spam Cat knows you posted the information on Facebook using the same name as on one of your other FPA Forums accounts. Spam Cat knows the Facebook post has a direct link to a bonus offer for customers moving from Exness to Just Forex. Spam Cat also knows you've been operating from the same IP address which was used by 2 different JustForex Representatives.

Spam Cat knows you are a multi and that you work for Just Forex. Pretending to be just a trader who wants to know what's going on without revealing your relationship to a competing broker is unethical and illegal.

Spam Cat will now skin you alive before slow roasting you over an open fire.

Spam Cat thinks you will be very tasty. Nom nom nom!