Karl Kauniskangas is SCAM person


Hi All,

I write this content to alert everybody aware of this SCAM situation.
A person named Karl Kauniskangas may he will connect you from Facebook or anything else, he asks you to make a graphics work (like logo introduction), And if the logo test is approved, you will receive right away upfront (140,000 USD or 280,000 USD) for a game project development and start developing game for him.
However, the scam method is, after you have done the logo, he asks you to pay him 7,500 USD as an invest fee before he will pay a big upfront for you.

All is SCAM. His name can be changed but normally he will keep KARL as first name and change last name like KARL blah blah etc....

In my case, I doubted about him when he asked is to do and tried to search his info but never see in the internet. When he asked us to pay a fee after we have done the logo test, I realized about this SCAM. Although I confirmed with him that we would not pay any fee before starting project, he said yes.

PLS be warned about this issue and don't let him successful. I will believe Police will find out this post and other posts related to him and catch him in an early day.



Don't be so judgemental. If you've never been exposed to scams, you wouldn't know what numbers are and aren't believable.