Kelly Churchill you tube 2015 best binary options (And I attack people who try to help)

I have filed a complaint against Mr. Churchill through . Also when I tried to resolve issue there were only Scotland company he lives in London.
If he claims to live in London, contact UK ActionFraud.

Did you get in touch with the real Customs agency in your own country?
Hi Beware of total scam. I paid 22,500.00 never got software please Mr Churchill respond I need my money.

People like you give us all a bad name theif!!! so hard to believe you can live with yourself..
Churchillk6 at gmail scam

Please Mr Churchill return my money . People don't invest total scam. He eases negative post from his you tubes.
He Wont give you one thing! That is why he use you tube with address.
Thou shall not steal is a commandment mr kelly churchill.

Thou shalt not steal" is one of the Ten Commandments of the Torah (the Pentateuch), which are widely understood as moral imperatives by legal scholars, Jewish scholars, Catholic scholars, and Post-Reformation scholars.

Mr Kelly Churchill please listen to this words. Do they mean anything to you, your soul, your life.
Please return my 22,500.00. Say something email something.

Its your life......
Personally,I doubt “Mr.Churchill” has ever read the bible.
If this guy really lives in the UK,I suggest that you lodge a report to Action Fraud
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He has four you tubes selling his software for good signals. Most popular is best binary options for 2015. All his you tubes say get in contact with him at
Please stop opening multiple threads about this issue. I've now merged all of your threads into this one.
ok I thought you said there isn't anything to caught this creep. because he uses you tube and not a web page, you cant do a thing. This man continues to steel from people the very purpose of your function. but I guess your function is to make money and not help people from being scammed. Dena Brown