Kelly Churchill you tube 2015 best binary options (And I attack people who try to help)

I beg you please I see you like Kelly Churchill and his you tube the best binary options in 2015 .

He owes me 22,500.00 dollars I never got software he does return email nothing . He a theif, He deletes all comments in his you tube post please email me at or call me 817-262-0796 I need my money I have children this amn needs to be stoped. Thank you Dena Brown
I just saw a post under his you tube he changed his name to Fisher Stone. This is one person playing everyone. First Mr fisher Stone come post here please.
You a thief and criminal you should go to jail with other bad people. Why do my post get deleted when I comment on your post. Shame on you.
people look up Mr fisher Stone subscribation There not a lot there actual nothing.
Mr whatever your name is you change it to fit your circumstance. I don't you lying to people saying things are good and that this issue is resolved. When you owe me 22500.00.
not only are you a thift you lie so much it a sin. I hope you can live with that you coward.
Kelly Churchill is obviously a false name,you say he's Oriental but how do you know that?If you sent your money to a UK bank account then you need to get onto the fraud department at that bank to get the account frozen,they can then take steps to recover your funds,you say the account name is Christopher O is that correct?
ok I thought you said there isn't anything to caught this creep. because he uses you tube and not a web page, you cant do a thing. This man continues to steel from people the very purpose of your function. but I guess your function is to make money and not help people from being scammed. Dena Brown

You need to read your Traders Court case more carefully. Scam Findings are placed against companies with review pages. The FPA does not support review pages for email addresses and youtube channels. Websites are already too easy to change. Email addresses and youtube channels could be changed every day. Do you want the FPA to declare YouTube and Gmail to be scams?

It was also explained to you that you could pursue the issue here in Scam Alerts. I've offered you advice on how to get your own national government involved.

Are you really are so disconnected from reality that you still want to accuse the FPA of not trying to help you?
Disconnected always,,,, but I do appreciate you help. But when you lose 22,500.00 It makes you madd and you don't even get product. Thank you!!!!
You no what ever your name is Pharaoh of Egypt or whatever I am desperate not disconnect from reality like you. I use my real name and number phone 817 262 0796 50/F from texas.
please call use your real name coward.
I tried to help you. Pharaoh tried to help you. Other FPA members tried to help you.

I also had to clean up after your bad habit of opening multiple threads on the same subject.

Your unhappiness with the fact that your complaint doesn't qualify for a Traders Court case is no excuse. Pharaoh and others have provided you with useful information in this thread.

Your conduct has now exceeded the limits of civilized behavior. You are banned.