knowledgetoaction useless


Ic ant find the thread to this company training in london chelsea area, I have done their forexa and trading course.
The trading course was good but the forex is ****e, it is basically using esignal with their signals and alerting setup and the training is poor, heard from a another student the masters course is just one guy selling their software that bolts into esignal, and that he did not want to be there in the training, I came away still confused and wondering what the people on the basic ocurse would do as I did a boot camp and learnt its not that simple, even then have not been able to learn how to trade with their course notes what a crock.

Best of getting to elliot waves or a broker with training have learnt much more doing this now.

Throughout the training they are selling and telling useless stories really its entertainment then actually learning anything they teach very badly 3 strategies which rely on there on there software,
sniper, snap back 60 and pivots, these happen infrequently and u have to be watching all night so seem to mis them when trading only in 2 hrs.
They also give tutoring which the trainers are cynical and some of the other students realise that they are hyping up and talking ****. I regret doing their course as have found better info on line and for a fraction fo teh price, intial course was £2k and the tutoring is sold differently to different people, I found out that you could use meta trader with some of the strategies programmed in for free rather than pay esignal £90 / month.

Very disappointed event the mentors are hard to get any thing out of and contact.
Will be looking for other proven teachers online and report back.