I am not sharing anything furthermore with these scammers . Its not a broker, its imposters that has a webpage claiming to be a crypto broker to invest and take your money.
I fell for this scam and I know that I will not recover the money , my ONLY hopes is that people read this before sending money to and falling victim to this scam .
This is a rundown of the scam ...They have these so called " account managers " mostly on instagram . Fake profiles , and have a few scammers comment the same thing every post. I have already been blocked as they have completed their scam and wont respond. They talk this big game about the amount of money and returns you can make . After communicating this with you they will direct you to sign up on the website which is nothing more than your name , email address and country you live in . Then they will send an email with the BTC address to send your funds of how every much you decide to invest . Meanwhile the account manager every few days will tell you your trade is doing well blah blah blah , they change the figures on the website when you login so it looks like you are making money and your account is successful. Then after a week or so they will tell you the trade is closed and to withdraw your profits , sorry your "dummy profits" as all they did was put whatever number they want you to see and believe . They will now tell you to pay 10% or 15% of the profits to withdraw your funds . They will say they cannot deduct it from their side and you will have to pay that amount to get your profits . So ontop of sending the money to invest they also try now to take more money from calling it a "withdrawal fee" then send emails about it is secure and add on more taxes and fees to withdraw. It is all a lie , please do not fall for this . stay away from !
Everything I said in the above is what happened , I made a play by play of what transpired . Also I am not directing this to you as it is public information for everyone. To each their own . Go invest with them and see what happens to your money .