L Hartwell vs CMTrader

Lesly Hartwell

Deposited $386.00 with CMTrader on the 14/4/2015. Had difficulty logging into my account at the beginning. Was contacted by Joey on the 16/4/2015 still could not log into my account He offered to place 2 trades on their Copy Cat system for me which I accepted. On Monday 20/4/2015 I logged onto my account for the first time and found that Joey had placed the 2 trades but only 1 was with a recognised Copy Cat the other trades was with a Mabilli (not on their copy cat list) and that trade was still running and down $107.00 I immediately stopped the trade and he phoned me later the day and I asked him way the trade had been running since Thursday and what Mabilli thought he was doing He informed me Mabilli had plenty money and could afford to do this. As far a I was concerned that wasw the end of Mabilli I placed a few Trades and was up a couple of Dollars. The next day Logged on and Mabilli was on again I stopped the trades. Wendesday I loggedon again and there was Mabillli with 5 Trades I was wiped out. E-mailed Joey to let him know what he had done E-mailed Maya Stone to let her know my account had been hi-jacked. I was contacted by James who offered me $100.00 if I wanted to stop trading with them or $200.00 bonus if I wanted to stay. I feel they owe me the money Mabilli lost $300.00
Please invite CM Trader to join this discussion thread and explain how an unlisted trader was able to get access to your account.
Call her and invite her. Email every address you have for the company and invite those people.
I am not following you here, did anyone from that broker traded on your behalf or you have used their copy system and you just lost?
Yes please let us know
  • Was someone from CM Trading using your account?
  • How has the issue been resolved?
This is important info for people who are planning to trade with this broker.