LAND-FX didn't resolve my request withdraw money. Help me everyone!!!


Hi everyone,

I'm a IB of LAND-FX.COM, and i have more than 200 clients in my IB. LAND-FX allow me to deposit and withdraw for my clients by using Internal Transfer.

a) I deposited into my IB account 166 591$
b) More than 100 clients traded and lost all the money in their accounts.
c) 41 clients deposited money into account but not traded yet.
d) 37 clients are trading

But LAND-FX is scaming me:

1. Land-fx don't pay rebate for me
2. I can't withdraw Money from my IB account to my Bank account
3. I can't withdraw money from Accounts that have not been traded to my IB Acount.
4. My clients won in trading and want to withdraw money so I am responsible for that requesting. But I can't withdraw both Initial deposit and profit.

I have sent request to LAND-FX both by email and skype in order to withdraw money alot of times since November 25 2013, but LAND-FX has had no action or support although LAND-FX told me that I could withdraw money.

My clients are really worried and putting pressure on me

I'm writing this topic calling for your help and advices.

(P/S please check link: Landfx Scam me for full doccument)


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Oh my. Clients gave money to you and you gave money to Land-Fx. That's a very risky thing to do.

Your clients want their money. You tell them that Land-Fx has it and won't give it to you. If they contact Land-Fx, the company can claim that you have the money and won't give it to the clients. Then who are the client's supposed to believe?


My customers believe me, but they waiting for their money very longtime and they can't wait.

Land-fx has FSPR #FSP264385 and registered FMA in New Zealand. Who has experience in this matter, please help me.

Many tks!