I joined LBinary a few months ago. I can retrieve all exact dates if needed. My Broker was Tony and the manager was Kareem. They were both using my account. When i started they informed me that I am able to withdraw anytime (Biggest Lie). I deposited a total of $6500, which was withdrawn from my MasterCard. Last week, my account went up to $10107 and i decided i wanted to withdraw $4000, except i was denied the withdraw, and i was told i was given a bonus so my account is locked. I never approved any bonuses so i dont know why they would still give me one despite the fact i never approved any. I e-mailed both the manager and the broker on several occasions to stop using the account, as i wanted full control of my account. I have these e-mails to prove that. On January 14th, i woke up with an account of $7. When i contacted the broker and the manager, they ignored me. I also contacted the customer service office and they also ignored my call. I have been trying to contact the manager and the broker for the past month with no response. I have proof of emails, transactions, and online chats requesting to speak to someone regarding my issue. This company is a total scam, they gave me a bonus without my approval, they used my account despite the fact that i requested them no to, and they made sure i lost every penny so they wont give me anything.


Gather all your evidence. Contact your credit card company immediately. Ask to speak to someone in the fraud department. Explain how the services a broker offers include deposit, trading, and withdrawal. Explain that the broker did not provide a withdrawal and continued to execute trades against your request.


LBinary is a SCAM -plain and simple. Everyone, did you see this? If not, one more time, all together now, LBINARY IS A SCAM! act accordingly.