LBinary esp. Tony Preston NOT TOO BE TRUSTED


Just wanted to let everyone know that LBinary is not trustworthy at all! This is probably not news to most, but Tony Preston will lie to you about secured trades by ASSURING you that the money will not count as a bonus but it still does. I'm out 40K and although I was too trusting I just want to let everyone know what kind of person your dealing with, whatever he tells you is complete BS


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IT is not good to invest so large amount of money in untrustred and little known brokers..


I opened dispute in plenty of time, with lots of evidence yet they still rejected my banks charge back, claiming they had already deposited £7000 to my credit card, which was in fact nothing to do with the disputed transactions but was actually part payment for a separate £12000 of stolen money, the other £5000 going to where it had come from, my debit card.
So mbna are persuing it through visa and I have also opened a dispute with my debit card bank as if Lbinary are claiming that the £7000 was for the mis sold and bogus "insured trades" then that means there is still £7000 of stolen money missing plus the extra £2000 as the insured trades totaled £9000.
I even have sent them evidence of support and chris cooper acknowledging a mistaken withdrawal (there words not mine) and when i asked why the £12000 of stolen money had been split between credit and debit card they just said it's the way they do things, but now i am beginning to see that they are used to charge backs and use the stolen funds as a way of conning the banks into believing disputed monies were returned.
I wish I knew where these people lived, they are lying thieves, preston even claimed he spent more than the total i had "invested" on lunch that day....T**T, he talked about being a man, shame he aint one


Don't give up. Call the credit card's issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Carefully explain exactly what happened. Ask if a chargeback is possible on one or more of your deposits.

Doing this has gotten deposits back for many traders who've been abused by brokers.