Lbinary is a scam!! Let's name the fraudsters and scammers

Ezra Kaboe

It is very sad that LBinary has continued conning unsuspecting traders and getting away with it! I know forex and binary option trading is high-risk trade but it is disheartening to realize this late that there are sharks out there waiting to grab your
winnings and run. Isn't that robbery?

Today I have come to a conclusion I have fallen prey of LBinary scam as I am unable to withdraw funds from my account with them. Without my authority, their Ms. Michele Zapos withdrew money from my credit card and when I objected to this, LBinary refused to let me withdraw same. She further coerced (sweet-talked) me to trade using the funds promising me guaranteed returns on my investment. She was so convincing that I later (got suckered) deposited additional funds to buy "lots" that would qualify me to receive assured signals. To begin with I started seeing positive results and my account
grew into a five figure; BUT trouble started when I tried to withdraw the accumulated winnings. Ms Zapos could not handle and kept cancelling my withdrawal requests time and time again, until when I threatened to introduce "A Bad African juju" on her, to expose their rotten business deals. She got scared and handed over to a Mr. Chis Cooper who organised reimbursement $2500 and insisted I deposit additional fund. I was not willing to without getting reimbursed the money they had illegally withdrawn from my account. This set me on a collision course with the this senior broker (Chris Cooper) as all
funds in my account with LBinary had been committed to three trades maturing one and two months down the line. These trades matured; won 2 and lost 1, thus boosting my account into the five figure amount. Mr Chris Cooper dropped out after I discovered he was a fraud too. He bailed out and informed me that my account was being handled by their concierge! A gate keeper? No name given so I assumed this must be support team, whom I engaged in my pursuit. A Mr.Ross replied to my communications and in the process I got locked out of my account till when I gave them 10 day notice for breach of our
agreement. He listened and my account resurrected, after which I made a withdrawal request at the beginning of June. This request has been pending up till last week when I agitated to know when to expect funds into my bank account. I was informed someone would call me today Monday 30/06/14 but didn't. I logged into my account and noted the request has been cancelled.

It has been a bitter and lengthy communication journey with LBinary management who have been mentioned severally in this forum as having been involved in similar scams and in my case, I believe I have evidence in writing, bank statements etc. to incriminate these crooks in a court of law. However, I felt it is wise to seek opinion from the FPA forum first and to add a voice in declaring LBinary a scam!

BUT the bottom line is; BE WARY OF LBINARY.COM as they are dubious and dishonest. I have high hopes and believe that in due course, we shall name these crooks and pass same to the international law enforcement team for prosecution.


Get screenshots of everything relevant to your account.

Call your credit card's issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Carefully explain how at least one withdrawal was unauthorized and how you were mislead about the likelihood of success in those trades that ate your money.

You can also file a complaint at - Your site for cross-border complaints.

Chances are that you may soon be getting phone calls for other "100% guaranteed to make you LOTS of money" investments. I can personally guarantee you that at least 99.99% of those are scams. Unless you feel very lucky, I suggest turning them down 100% of the time.


My heart goes out to you as I have had the same thing, "insured and guaranteed" trades, cost me £9000.00 and it was Chris Cooper who without authorisation took £12000.00 from my bank.
They are ignorant big mouthed scam artists.
Good luck Ezra