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I have also been scammed by Lbinary. My first investment was 1000$ 13/4 but they told me that is not enougth I must invest atleast 5000$ I approved but I thought they should take 4000$ but they take 5000$. I have give them my creditcard detalies so they did the transaction I also get a bonus of 2500$. After a two weeks they call me and said if I invest 3000$ moore I get a insured trade with a profit of 81% I did it and the trade was a winner. I invest moore and moore and the account was growing. I have invest 18750$ and my account is 35020$. When I ask for a withdrawal it was cancelled after that is impossible to get any answer from them and today is there homepage down.


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Go to live support and ask them why its delayed take answer from them and paste your conversation script here. (Web is working now)


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I have some news for people having problems with LBinary.

One of the lawyers from Giambrone Law tells me his firm is looking into taking action against LBinary. Be aware that they do charge up front fees. Depending on how many LBinary clients get involved, these fees could end up being relatively small.

If you are interested, visit You can use the contact link there or you can email the firm directly at
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