Lee Elbaz Case: BigOption


January 31, 2020, 7:43 pm UTC

CFTC’s motion for alternative service on Yossi Herzog taken under advisement
Only counsel for the CFTC appeared at a hearing held earlier this month at the Illinois Northern District Court.

"Another status hearing has been set for April 8, 2020."

"Despite the Commission’s efforts, Herzog’s whereabouts are currently unknown."


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Yossi is not in kinshasa. it is yakov kovi cohen who is in kinshasa doing his business there. i have got some more information from the mauritius company, people who are within the industry.

Runal jeebun, who is also indicted in the case, is the director and partner in mauritius. recently, this stupid guy has been creating fake websites to make online search on him direct towards fake websites such as runal lawyers or runal arts. how stupid can he be to make such thing and think that the FBI and other authorities will not notice. unbelievable the stupidity level. from what i got, it is one employee nameed niresh lokan who is involved in creating bogus websites using the name of runal jeebun. therefore, when people will search for 'runal jeebun', instead on finding the articles about frauds, they will find his fake websites about arrtss etc...


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These people / these call centers are long gone.
They have all moved to Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine, Philippines, etc.
There will always be scams like this, especially with the anonymity that Cryptocurrency trading now brings them. Chasing these dragons will likely prove fruitless. Lee Elbaz was making >1% of the total funds Yukom took in as deposits. She can go to prison for 100 years and it won't matter for anyone.

If you invest in an offshore/500:1 leverage, super aggressive service like these, be prepared to lose your funds. There are hundreds of regulated brokers to choose from.


Israel is a small country and their border guards keep a good record on who enters and leaves it and when. I find it hard to believe they genuinely cannot locate Yossi.