Hello - having been stung with other managed forex providers and in light of the current turmoil on the markets I wondered how Lefturn were performing this month and whether anyone would be willing to share their results. I have looked at the likes of FXBlue however given that the other providers I tried also looked good on these sites and have proven the opposite, I did want to get a little more confirmation before diving in. Thanks Peter


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Can you please edit the response I left for JustSayin? Is it also possible to display our response under the negative review? I don't think many users know to click on the username to view the company's response.

I'd the response to say the following.

"Dear Client,
Thank you for leaving us your feedback in this unprecedented COVID19 global crisis.

We take great pride in giving our 100% every day to provide the best trading results for our clients with a constant focus on achieving measurable gains on our clients accounts and making better technology and improvements in risk management strategy. In a world of leverage trading and financial markets this process is always on going.

We apologize dearly on your loss. Leverage trading is a risky endeavour and every broker mentions this and we mentioned the same in our contract. At the time prior to the pandemic your account was making steady gains and you were very happy with our performance. The asset class which was being traded on your account was one that was hit the hardest during this crisis. Nobody expected the market to crash the way it did on Sunday March the 8th 2020, the was a huge jump at the market open as a result of events over the weekend and oil dropping 32%. We have risk management and mechanisms internally to detect volatility, but unfortunately due to the scale of the pandemic and global crisis the market gapped at Sunday open and it jumped our safety system, which is something nobody can do anything about.
We hope you give us the opportunity to make the money loss - back for you.
We live by our promise.

Thank you
Team @ LEFTURN Inc.