Libertex withdraw problem, HELP


Hi guys,

I've read recently a thread in your forum about a guying been withhold from drawing his money out of his Libertex acc.
Link to thread:

I also have the same problem. I have my account with Libertex since one and a half year, i've made only one withdrawal (last year) which went as it should be, with no complications.
Yesterday I tried to withdraw all my money from Libertex acc to my credit card back.
But today I open L. acc and see that the money are back in the account. So I tried now over 5 times, and the same thing happens again. Shows me that Money are on the way. 10sec later their back in Libertex.
I've wrote already an Email, wrote them also on WhatsApp(they're online) but not responding.
I guess that they are going to try to hold my money as long as I dont do something. And as you helped with martinx(thread that I read here). I hope you help here.
The money is not alot but the question is principle and also there are rules!


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--> can you post screenshots of the communications you have with the company?

--> also post a complete copy of the account history. Use this tutorial to upload the zip file:

--> How much total have you deposited (with dates)?
--> how much total have you successfully withdrawn (with dates)?
--> how much profit / loss have you made?
--> how much is remaining to be withdrawn (remaining balance)?