Well I dont know whats going on when I put in an order to sell or buy the currency pair gets to my order the little line on the chart like I got no trespassing signs up and turns and goes the opposite like it got punched in the nose almost every time is my .10 changing the trend theres traders out there with a lot bigger orders out there than .10 I check my brokers price against another live quote web site saxo bank and they match everything is saying the trend is strong and even web sites and indicators the few I understand say it is going the right way and should plow threw,I understand traders have to battle the market plus the brokers m/m's but how are they able to do this,I'm useing meta4 trading platform I red a post about some software brokers use to take our money but my order executions seem to go threw alright except for the little helpfull window that apears to make sure that this is what I want to do 4to 5 times in a row in a fast moving market in there favor of course, can they single a person out I dont understand the prices match,when is the best time to trade, I dont use S/L I've seen the brokers go S/L hunting to many times.

Question: no numbers, when you put in a sell order what effect does that have on the currency pair up or down, same with a buy up or down, these may seem stupid questions but I'm a little frustrated right now I've worked very hard and seems I cant even get lucky I do my D/D in the morning 5am get a plan togther check everything out, and when the currency pair come up to my order goes the other way, just looking for some information from some of you experiance traders it would be greatly appriecatated by me and other begining traders that will be reading this post so thank you very much. Thanks Check
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