I have deposited 1250$ in and they give me bonus 1000 $, I wanted to withdraw my deposit with profit (500$) (total 1250+ 500) and left the bonus , they keep cancelling my withdraw with no response from my account manager . I need help to have at least my deposited money back

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Hey there,

we seem to be in the same boat ! According to their Terms and Conditions:

"To withdraw your bonus, you will be asked to perform a trading volume of at least 30 times for each $1 bonus. The bonus can be withdrawn only when the foregoing stipulation has been fully respected and fulfilled. Any withdrawal of funds from an account made before completing the terms of bonus will be immediately canceled and removed from the account.
Any indication of fraud, manipulation, cash back arbitrage or other forms of deceptive or fraudulent activity based on the provision of the bonus will invalidate the account and any profits or losses collected."

That alone sound like a scam. Basically, you have to trade your 1k bonus at least 30 000 time before you can withdraw anything...

I'm not 100% sure if they are scammers yet, but I'm starting to accept that they very well may be.
It's hard to imagine that so many website recommends them and that their mobile app is up for download on Android even though they are stealing people hard earned money.

Tomorrow, I'll be on the phone with them and my credit card company. CHARGE-BACK TIME !


I found that they're a fraudulent company, allow me to elaborate.

First, they'll mention their bonus to you, and tell you "it can be a safety net".

No strings attached. As posted above, there's actually lots of strings, as you can't withdraw money thanks to it. They don't show this during deposits, or tell you on the phone. It's probably fraud, but I'm no lawyer. It doesn't end there.

Second, they'll ask you for your Passport or residency card, copy of your credit card front in back, and a "utility bill issued from no more than 3 months". They claim this is for "compliance obligations with the international credit card companies". They're referring to PCI, which is for keeping the card holder's information secure. In other words, this is nothing but a lie to get your personal information.

Third, I don't know if this happened with everyone, but I was called to invest 10,000 more dollars to progress to a VIP account. I was told they would "guarantee" me to have profits. Binary options are high risk, the only way they can guarantee a result is if they're a Ponzi scheme. They probably are, since you can't withdraw from them. I should mention that all calls were from London, always with a different number, even with the same woman.

Next is their location, "133 SANTINA parade, ELLUK, PORT VILA, VANUATU", holds at least 17 other companies. You can search too, those I found quickly are:

Trade Forex Offshore (
SpartanForex Limited (
Clover Markets (
TegasFX (
PlatinFX (
Capitalcitymarkets (
Fgmarkets (
Pure Market Broker (
Reserve Bank of Vanuatu (, (direct address at:

Vanuatu Registry Services Limited (
Cac400 (
vix500 (
Boomforex ltd (
OptionXL (
BoomDirect (

The address was featured on Real Estate News Television, link with video below

I know it's a long post, but I can sum it up in one short sentence : "Stay away, these are frauders, plain and simple."


I have lost with them money too. My story was slightly different. I sent them money twice one account was:
Tottaly 1000 EUR + fees
When I made profit 700 EUR I wanted withdrawal 500 Eur, the problems started, some ghost!!! got my password and started to trade on my account ..... nothing to withdrawal then.... they told me it was simply cyber crime..but before that happend they were trading on my account too...they know my password = ghost = cac400 = dangerous scaming mafia!!!!! Never guys!!!!! dont be fools!!!!!!!


My credit card company said they couldn't do anything if we didn't send them our private information.

Now we are totally screwed and lost all our investing funds to a non-regulated broker.

Sadly, this will probably be the end of our story as investors. Anyway, Trading is just a way to steal other traders money in the end.

The losers always lose; no matter the amount of positive debt they are so happily carrying around.

It would be great if somebody who managed to get a charge back from them could share his story on this thread.
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Hi All,
I have been trading with LionMarkets for about 8 weeks now. Now that I seem to have made some profit and want to make a withdrawal all my withdrawal requests are been declined and my so called account manager will neither call nor respond to my emails. Anyone have an idea how I can withdraw all my investment and close the account ?

George Bates

I invested with lionmarkets and then found out it was a scam. I don't know how they are allowed to stay in business. I lost $4,200.00 to lionmarkets and $2,000.00 to TRBinary. They are all scams. My account with lionmarkets wa s up to $17,427. but after trying to withdraw for two months they kept switching me to a different person and finally just eliminated my account - I can't even login. DON'T INVEST WITH ANY OF THEM BECAUSE YOU WILL LOSE. G. B. Canada


I Started trading with Lionmarkets in November 2016 after I was referred to them by Signals Binary as one of 2 brokers I needed to open and fund an account with in order to qualify for their "free" signal service. I now believe they are all in bed with each other... I funded the account with the minimum $250 and the very next day I received a call from my personal account manager Liam Howard

He immediately convinced me that if he was allowed to trade my account he could guarantee me huge success and if I deposited just $5K he could double that amount in no time at all. of course I dismissed this as cheap talk and told him as much. he then asked me to log out of my account and let him prove to me that he could double my balance in just a few trades. Since I only had $250 in the account I said what the heck and allowed him to trade. a few minutes later he was back on the phone and asked me to log in and check my balance. It was now something like $550. The return % on the 60sec trades was 155% which looked pretty suspicious but he justified that in saying that this was a special rate reserved for Premium subscribers and if I deposited $5K I would become an exclusive member of this club. Anyway, I did not respond but after days of incessant badgering and calls all from a UK listed (obviously NOT UK) number but probably diverted from Israel. Why Israel? When I called him on this number I was patched through to their Compliance officer Jimmy Sparks who had the strongest Israeli accent I have ever heard so clearly their names are all bogus. Later deposits reflected Israel as the destination. Anyway after trading my account up to well over $1000 Liam kept pestering me to join this elite club of investors and eventually I invested a further $5000 using my credit card. The online system does not allow you to do this automatically and I had to involve the bank and get numerous account numbers before the transaction went through. The deposit reflected somewhere in Bulgaria so when I raised this to the manager he said that all trading companies use non-UK accounts for tax purposes bla bla bla.. Anyway, Liam continued to trade on my account and the balance crept up to over $10K. Wow, I was really impressed and he kept pressuring me to deposit more in order to quickly reach a $100K balance and get VIP status. By this time I had been routed to their premier account page(sound familiar??) and then the pressure to invest really accelerated. the balance kept creeping up and I could hardly believe how well Liam was doing. Eventually I had deposited around $35K in total and the balance was over $100K by now. I said I need to withdraw funds before I could release more funds to further invest. I used this as a ruse to check if this guy was for real. I went through the paperwork process and sent a Declaration of withdrawal to the Compliance dept and a few days later the $16K appeared on my credit card. Ok, I thought, this seems above board and I deposited further amounts for a total deposit of $36K and Liam traded the balance up to well over $100K in a matter of a few days and even linked up with my pc using Teamviewer to train me on binary options trading which was very little use because there was no system or strategy explained. Just a surfing the waves technique which looked a bit scary to be honest. Anyway he continued trading and I made some trades myself using a Bollinger bands system I had developed for forex trades. Liam again kept on the pressure to invest more and more to become a member of the million dollar club! so I invested another $10K and the balance had ballooned to $150K. wow, now I requested a withdrawal of a further $15k as the balance was more than high enough and lo and behold I got 4 credits totaling $15k on my credit card. They were not happy about depositing onto my card and insisted that I use a wire transfer method but I refused as the deposits had been made by card and not wire. So the withdrawal came through and now I really had a warm feeling about this account... At this stage I still had deposits of $30K in the account and trading continued as before and Liam stayed in touch and kept pushing me to invest more so by April 2017 I invested a further $20K. In June I requested a withdrawal of 40K and nothing!! No responses by email. I called and got through to Jimmy Sparks the compliance officer and he rambled on about the management processing the request. By this time they had insisted I give them my wire details as they could not us a credit card to deposit into. Eventually I started to threaten and send rude emails and the telephone numbers no longer worked so I realized this is a scam for sure. At this stage there were no posts on the internet regarding Lionmarkets being a scam broker but it was obvious in hindsight that I ignored all the warning signs and got taken in by the fact that they allowed me to withdraw an amount of $36K during the months of dealings I had with Liam Howard. What I don't understand is that authorities and governmental agencies don't respond to these scamsters and track them down and lock them up. It's easy enough if you know your way around the internet. They leave trails everywhere. I hope they read this and make contact because I will post this on every forum I can find to warn others that they are out to scam investors(mostly ignorant and naïve investors).

I have all the copies of emails and tons of screenshots to show what happened but banks and police just shrug it off as bad investment decisions on the part of the victim. Sorry about the lengthy post but it is important to understand the modus operandi of their scam.

I have an account balance of $132685 and no way to get my deposits out. I don't care about the bogus trades and the actual balance. By the way, eventually they route you to a special VIP account at the following url:

This is NOT a secured url and do not allow them to transfer your funds to an account with this url. It is still active and looks totally legit and is functional but no-one will respond to any withdrawal requests on this platform.



Here is the bank wire details into which Lionmarkets asked me to make wire deposits. RBX Capital??? This was from March 2017..Surely it would be easy to get authorities or banks to trace who is behind this scam if they look at this ?
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