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Lite Forex India and Super Forex India is a big scam

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by hrvndr, May 16, 2018.

  1. hrvndr

    hrvndr Recruit

    May 16, 2018
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    Lite Forex India and Super Forex India is a big scam and fraud operational setup run by 8 Indians.

    This setup is not officially owned or operated by Lite Forex Investments Limited, Marshall Islands.

    As we all know Forex Trading is strictly banned in India for Cross Currencies except traded and permitted by Finance Ministry and SEBI.

    However, many frauds and cheaters have opened their fraud setup in India by the name of different International Forex brokers and are running away with the money of Indians by fooling them. I too got fooled, however I felt it as my responsibility to report this to Enforcement Directorate, Economic Offence Wing, Income Tax, Finance Ministry and Anti – Corruption Bureau to save all other fellow Indians from such frauds and scamsters.

    These cheaters show big dreams to medium class people, and make them invest money on their forex trading platforms on which they earn huge commissions on deposits, trades, profits and on the name of CONVERSION / TRANSFERRING money outside India.

    They meet people with young guys who have no knowledge about forex trading skills, and portray them as expert traders who will earn lot of money for client by trading on their fraud platform under the name of LITE FOREX INDIA.

    They register clients under mirror accounts under which actual trades are not placed and show to the client that the client lost all money because of his wrong trading. Obviously client will lose because they play with spreads, leverage, implement slippage and close trades without permission.

    In addition, if client is able to make money, they stop the funds and put it on hold showing KYC issue, as if they are legal and KYC abiding people, their complete setup is dummy, registered under fraud names, fraud bank accounts with an intent to cheat people and run away with their money.

    Here are the contact details of the setup run by Manish, Logan and Matlub under the name of Lite Forex India and Super Forex India:

    City: Bangalore

    1. Manish mentions himself as the Country Head. He is operating illegal Forex Trading and Brokerage Business under the company name of Click Ads, Bangalore, and is fooling government and people by proving that he has ad agency and not a forex company, however while collecting money he promises big returns by trading on forex trading platform of Lite Forex. Sadly, he has no knowledge about Forex, Technology, Processes and Investment management. He is purely taking money and gulping it down.

    Manish is a scoundrel, he has earned a lot of money by fooling people in different cities near Bangalore, agencies should check his bank accounts – it says it loud, to buy expensive bikes and pamper his darling wife, from owning Pulsar and a Maruti Baleno in 2014-15 to owning sport bikes and expensive cars.

    2. Vinod

    3. Wife of Manish

    4. Logan operating from Bangalore, with Manish


    5. John , Mumbai

    6. Matlub(Another Fake Country Head, operating from Vikhroli, Mumbai)

    He has registered the office under the name of LF Technology, and is working through his close friend Shahabuddin, to save his ass he smartly registered the company and office on Shahbuddin’s name – which again shows malicious intentions.

    7. Matlub, Loganand Manish are using bank account of a fake textile company to route money in different bank accounts to their own account.

    One of my friends from Punjab also lost a lot of money, because they made good profits through genuine trading however Matlub and Manish refused to give them the money saying the trading pattern was wrong (WOW what a love making excuse). They have filed a case with EOW and ACB like me.

    I am hopeful, that agencies will look into this matter and will take strict action against these frauds and will help us recover our money which we paid by trusting them, their words which is surely our mistake, however I wont let these people run away with my money and other people’s money.

    My name is Harvinder Singh from Chandigarh currently at Pune, My friend’s name is Bhavesh Patel and his cousin’s name is Rajesh Patel from Surat. We all three were cheated by the above people for 65,00,000 Rs.

    I have shared my details with police as I have all proofs of handover of cash and bank transactions, you too should do the same.

    If you too were cheated by them, please report to EOW, Police and ACB at:

    1. Ms. Archana Tyagi
    Jt. C.P. (Adm.)
    +91-22- 22620879

    Email: cp.mumbai.jtcp.admn@mahapolice.gov.in

    2. Mr. Ashutosh Dumbare,
    Jt. C.P. (EOW)
    +91-22- 22625028
    +91- 8454845998
    Email: jtcp.eow@mahapolice.gov.in

    3. Sh. K.M.M.Prasanna,
    Ad. C.P. (Crime)
    Mobile: +91- 9870198979
    Email: cp.mum.addcp.crime@mahapolice.gov.in

    4. Mr. Datta Padsalgikar
    Commissioner Of Police,
    +91- 7710060100
    Email: cp.mumbai@mahapolice.gov.in
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  2. FxMaster

    FxMaster Lt. Colonel

    Oct 17, 2011
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    Can ask other victims to come and share their story too?
    And are you sure they are just using Liteforex name or they are actually with liteforex?
    You guys shared your complaints to liteforex customer care, if yes then what reply you guys have received so far?
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  3. LiteForex Official

    LiteForex Official LiteForex.com Rep

    Dec 3, 2013
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    Dear hrvndr,

    Our company officially declares that we have not received any complaints from our clients or from anybody else who suffered from these persons who acted under name of LiteForex company.
    All clients who suffered from actions of these persons should send email to clients@liteforex.com
    Our specialists will contact these clients for clarification of all circumstances.

    At this moment we do not have any information about same situations. Also we do not have any requests with reals facts which confirm that anybody is engaged in financial operations undercover of our name.

    We will wait letters from everyone who was affected by this situation.

    Best regards,
    representative of LiteForex Investments Limited
  4. 4evermaat

    4evermaat 2nd Lieutenant

    Jun 26, 2012
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  5. 4evermaat

    4evermaat 2nd Lieutenant

    Jun 26, 2012
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    @hrvndr can you update the thread with any screenshot/video proof to backup your assertions?
  6. FPA Forums Team

    FPA Forums Team Caution: Moderators at Work

    Dec 2, 2015
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