Liteforex disable my account


my name : dinansyah ferdi
MY account
why my account disable
MT4 -R-180315

I've done the process of withdraw from these accounts. but, why my account disable?

I get this email

"Your profile is in live queue for investigation due to unit 4.3. of our terms of use: "4.3. Transfer of funds can be extended by Company for the period up to 14 working days in exceptional cases requiring verification of compliance of trading and non-trading operations conducted by Clients with the terms and conditions of the “Agreement on the system of quotation and order of trading operations” and this agreement." After we'll check your profile/accounts in case if there were no fraudulent actions associated with your profile (unfortunately, this is necessary due to lot of such a fraudulent profiles created lately) - withdrawal request will be fulfilled and you'll receive your money"

what about my money that I have to withdraw on that account?,if my account is disabled.

I can not show proof, because LiteForex by unilaterally decide to disable my account .

I was asking for clarification of the issue.


Sergeant Major
Hello Dinansyah,
This firm has a very poor reputation. They are stalling for time under the claim that they must assure themselves of no fraudulent activities.
Write to their "Compliance Department" and demand a written accounting of your entire account history. Demand a Read Receipt and a Delivery Receipt on the email.
They must have a compliance department because they are regulated by RAFMM.
Unless you have multiple accounts, they will be in violation if they delay you more than 14 days.
Here is a link to their regulator to file a complaint if it later becomes necessary:
Make a complaint
Keep us informed.
Anthony Ingrassia, CTA
NFA ID#: 0278164


LiteForex Representative
Hello. dinansyah
I'm sorry for the late reply and delay with your case. Your account was unblocked.
I apologize for the caused inconveniences.


Sergeant Major
Hello again Dinansyah Ferdi,
Notice how 14 days to the day have passed, and they have now taken action to avoid a violation, just in time.
Please follow their instructions, and post your actions and the replies here to keep the pressure on them.