Liteforex scam using stop out policy and calculation issue


Dear Braima,

In this thread, we have already provided you all the information on calculations. As we said, for a detailed discussion of all the question that interest you, you can write to our trading operations department and discuss everything step by step, from question to question.

Best regards,
representative of LiteForex
@LiteForex Official you said I should send you an email that you would answer all questions, i have sent you an email since day before yesterday, i am still waiting for your response


Summary of my issue with @LiteForex Official
1. They stop out my account of $7592.62 at around -6700 floating loss despite the fact that my margin level was way above the 20% stop out level and when I confronted @LiteForex Official on various occasions presenting calculations that proves that there claim about my account were wrong they lied about my balance in two different occasions given two different figures as my balance in their efforts to justify their misdeed ($7500 and 7452.57). despite the fact that figures on statement of account when calculated shows that my account balance was actually $7592.62. i have asked @LiteForex Official for explanation on the discrepancy both on FPA and via email no explanation was given at all they still can not explain their lies ( see attached screenshots and statement of account) fellow FPA please find attached the statement of account for 19/02/2021 and on it you would see that i had a closing balance of $7252.86 and a statement of account for 22/02/2021 which if you add all the profit i made on that day and minus the losses you will have a total of $339.76 if add my closing balance of 19/02/2021 and my total profit for 22/02/2021 before the stop out you will have $7252.86 + $339.76= $7592.62
NOTE account was stop out at stop on 2021.02.22 16:16:49
2. When I challenge them in there traders chat room about thesame issues they still could not answer the questions then they try to use there employees posing As traders in the chat room to plead with me to delete my reviews and thread on forex peace army when i refused the bared me from the chat room and they deleted my massages with the evidence I uploaded and then they use those same employees who are possing as traders to smear my name (see screenshot).
3. @LiteForex Official my question are as follows:
i. how can one account have two different account balance at thesame date and time?
ii. Why did you for the first time ever not send me my daily confirmation or statement of account the day you stop out my account ie 22/02/2021
iii. Why did you lie about my balance claiming $7500 and $7452.57 despite the fact that records shows that my balance was actually $7592.62.
iv. If you lye about my account balance what else did you lie about.
if @LiteForex Official can answer all the above satisfactorily i will consider dropping my case against them if not then this is just the beginning.


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