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Liteforex/straighthold must be stopped

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by sammy2000, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. sammy2000

    sammy2000 Private

    Oct 30, 2007
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    :mad:I ve account with liteforex and ve some open trades that were winning trades, checked my trades on the 23rd of Dec 2008 but around 1pm when i tried to check again found out that my account has been wiped out later went through my account history to check what happened found out that one of my open trade was used to wipe out my account delibrately.The currency pair used was NZD/USD. i made a sell order on the 19th December at 0.5848 and later moved to brake even, then moved my stop loss to 0.5822 but to my surprise the trade was closed with a market price at 1.1279 of which this is not true the price never got to that level.also they normally send me a daily confirmation of my account but this particular day it was not sent.i tried to reach them since then but couldnt but finally went through yesterday. i was replied with a monthly statement that is invalid.Another surprise before i finally got through to them ,my account history was still in place on there platform but this morning its no longer there.It has been erased but i ve my copy. Please Felix this company must be stopped IMMEDIATELY.
  2. shane oconnor

    shane oconnor Recruit

    Jan 8, 2009
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    liteforex-beware these crooks

    i joined liteforex with a small deposit of $100us and got nothing but grief from the start. i decided that i would withdraw my money, and that is when the fun really started. first they claimed that i needed to supply a copy of government papers to confirm my id. then it was i needed to resubmit the withdrawl forms. then it was we never recieved the forms. the next excuse was that they could not find my id. so far i have spent a week filling out forms, at least 3-4 per day, and keep getting excuses why i can not get a refund. i have even had it suggested that i am laundering money. what,$100us? last excuse was that my pin number is wrong. they want me to deposit more money into another account and transfer the money from the first account. beware these russian crooks. hopefully, the peace army might be able to help.

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