Liveforexfunds - be stupid and send me all of your money


This program is fantastic for me, not you. A managed ponzi scam forex company which is able to offer you the following plans:

* Silver Plan: 15% Monthly / 1% Daily
* Gold Plan: 22% Monthly / 1.25% Daily
* Diamond Plan: 31% Monthly / 1.5% Daily
* Platinum Plan: 33% Monthly / 2% Daily

Their website is nice, secure and easy to use to flush your money down the toilet. The company itself has 213 employees from around the world (operating in 41 countries) and has been running since 1st June 2009. That sounds much better than telling you the truth. I run it from my mother's basement.

The company's main office is located in the British Virgin Islands but they do tend to launder money and run things from the UK. They are very transparent and have phone numbers and fax numbers available. These will be answered up until the day I take all your money and disappear.

Live Forex Funds accepts: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money since those are hard to trace when the police come looking for me.

Their minimum deposit is just $100 which means this should be affordable to most people and they pay 5 days a week (remember this is forex). $100 times the number of stupid people in the world is a lot of money for me.

Live Forex Funds should definately be worth considering for your portfolio if you are dumb enough to throw away your money.

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