Lobby football clubs that are sponsored by binary fraudsters


We are lobbying Premier League football clubs that take money from binary options fraudsters for sponsorship. The aim is to put a stop to this type of activity, as it allows binary firms to fund sports teams whose fans could then fall foul of fraud.

Read this and join us in doing the right thing. If anyone has been scammed by Banc de Binary or 24Option which both sponsor football teams, we must approach the football teams to get them to do something about it.

It would be funny if a few hundred Banc de Binary victims showed up at a match wearing t-shirts about how big a scam Banc de Binary is.
It would be funny if a few hundred Banc de Binary victims showed up at a match wearing t-shirts about how big a scam Banc de Binary is.
Id like to see the fans boycott the team until they drop the sponsorship from binary firms.
I guess the traders have become quite aware with the worthiness of brokers like banc de binary or 24options.
A few dozen victims showing up wearing T-Shirts saying how much BDB or any of these other binary companies stole from them might generate some very interesting publicity for the teams.
An additional caveat to bear in mind is that football shirts, and what is written on them, are massively influential to children and teenagers in parts of the world in which football is a very popular and almost religiously followed sport. Football clubs often sell merchandise versions of the shirts of the stars that children and teenagers who love football admire, therefore by having binary options names on football shirts, minors by default could be inadvertently standing themselves up as ‘ambassadors’ to this fraud, or even worse getting taken in by it themselves.

With FIFA’s scandalous background, it’s no surprise :mad:
See if there's a government agency which regulates which companies can sponsor sports teams in the countries where this is happening. For example, many countries prevent cigarette companies from sponsoring sports teams due to the influence this can have on younger viewers.

If you can find one, a few dozen heartfelt letters from real victims might be enough to get them to take a look.

Consumer reporters is another way to focus on this. "Big sports team accepts large amounts of cash from company accused of stealing" would be a good headline.
The other is 24Option, which last year signed up tennis star Boris Becker as a celebrity endorser and has more than 100,000 global customers.
Last month it was banned by France’s regulator, the AMF, for failing to act in “an honest and fair manner in the best interest of its clients”.

Lets see what L’Olympique Lyonnais FC is going to do, advertising for a banned Broker :confused: