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Not sure if you gave this anymore thought, or did any further research into LGI?

If it's still of interest, let me know. I took the course, commencing May this year and it's absolutely fantastic. The technical side is thorough, the tutors actually do this for a living and best of all they are on hand at all times and exceptionally accommodating, especially important when building your strategy!

I relocated myself away from my wife and 6 month old daughter to give this a go (not because of them I hasten to add!), so I hope that indicates a level of commitment to doing this! I am in the monitored demo account phase until August of this year before we move onto live capital.

4 of the guys from the earlier course are up on the trading floor already and are doing well.

I think the hardest thing when looking at something like this is as to haow to manage your own expectations. When you go live, it isn't with a lot of money. But as you get 10% growth on each level, you get access to more capital. Some individuals from the earlier courses weren't particularly good at managing those expectations and have now left; they expected post training and on going live to be given huge accounts. IT doesn't work like that, so if you expect keys to a Ferrari and the Captain of your Yacht to nip over from St Katherine's dock as soon as you go live, then this isn't for you.

IF, however, you want to really learn and develop your skillsets within this arena and to do this full-time, then it is a very real and serious opportunity. You must have patience though, it won't happen overnight!

If you want to get hold of me to chat further, then please do.

All the best,

Mike Briggs
44 (0) 7411 338 029



I'd just watch out for any company that cold calls you and offers you something as long as you part with cash.

They cold call me offering me the chance to trade carbon credits and they persist even when you give them a definitive "NO!" so I just politely tell them they are wasting their breath and move on to the next potential sucker.

This company ARE NOT regulated by the FSA or any other organisation. If they are, let them post a registration number and we can call the reglatory authority direct and ask questions.

Their website states that Mr Zain Khan is FSA regulated, but he actually isn't, this is a quote from the FSA website "An ‘approved person’ must work for a regulated firm or their agent."

I have reported the individual to the FSA for stating they are regulated on a company's web site, and if he is found to be in violation, he will be "regulated", as his staus on the register is: "Inactive", see this link.

FSA Register

I also work at the FSA, so don't anyone bother trying to discredit me or my information.