Looking for Vortex Assets/MIB700/CFD1000/Newtradefx victims - criminal case taking place in Poland


PhoenixAdvisorsGroup.com Representative
Dear Sirs and Madams,

My name is Marcin Iglicki and I am the Co-Founder and one of the managing directors of Phoenix Advisors Sp. Z o.o. (LTD), located in Poland. Some of you might know about us from the big thread about our company that you can find under this link on this forum:


We have never received a single bad review, and we have been operating and growing well up to this very day as the pioneers in the industry of funds recovery from multiple scam schemes since 2015. Even though some members of this forum preferred other companies in our industry that now turn out to be recovery scams that took huge upfronts fees - we decided to come back here for an urgent ongoing case and perhaps a fresh start with FPA's community.

Current matter:
We are currently representing a big group of over 100 clients from Asia (some of which are members of this forum) who were cheated by Vortex Assets/MIB700/CFD 1000, NewtradeFX, or Euro Trading Group(EUTG). People operating those aforementioned brands have been arrested and are being held in custody by the Polish police. We are leading a big criminal case against some of the employees of these brokerages (Vortex,MIB,CFD 1000) that had their office located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Thanks to our cooperation with the authorities their offices have been raided and assets to an approximate amount of few milion of Polish Zloty (1USD=3,40PLN at today's exchange rate) seized, and awaits as a compensation for the victims.

We would like to reach as many victims as possible to strengthen the ongoing case and help as many victims as possible. We are cooperating with Prosecutor's Office in Poland that is in charge of this case, and we would like to acquire as much information as possible in order for justice to be done, and for their sentence length to actually be just for running their ponzi scheme.

We know these companies highly targeted Poles, Singaporeans, Malaysians, South African, and Italian clients.

I would like to encourage all the victims to share their stories with us as we would like to gather as much intel as possible on the possibility of different centres of operations existing for those brands. It will also help our lawyers working for the victims, and the Prosecutor's Office to search and find further proxies for those brokerages.

Please contact us if you were a victim of those brokerages, or if you could supply us with any additional information regarding this case:



Marcin Iglicki
Co-Founder & CMO, Phoenix Advisors